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Can anyone show me a hardcore punk band...

With two bass players (and preferably no guitarists) -- anything in that 'hardcore' vein where there is actual music and not down-tuned instruments smacking metal on metal.

This is all I could find so far:
Beast One/Man Nil | Menfolk

I am also trying to find more punk/metal bands in the "hardcore" vein that might have yelled/screamed vocals, but have actual musicians backing them up on guitar/bass/drums. No whiny vocals. If the vocalist goes from yelling into some whiny melodic chorus, please keep it to yourself. It's either a party or it's not -- except A7X's first album.

Weird time signatures and relatively complicated music are what the doctor ordered.

Some examples:

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Bands that think that might fit what you're looking for are:
- Worthwhile (unique sound, check out "Good Guys Win")
- Counterparts
- Casey Jones
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Dayglo Abortions. Check them out.
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One of my favorites, no longer together:
Void - Think - YouTube

Another one, they seemed to get more metal as time went on:
C.O.C. eye for an eye: songs 1-6 - YouTube

Corrosion Of Conformity - positive outlook - YouTube

And one more for good luck:

Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power ( Full Album ) - YouTube

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For Punk Bands : Bigwig,,, Pennywise

When I get home I will post some vids of each

EDITED : now with vids

Bigwig :



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Lamb of God....guitar, but Badass!!
not punk, but I love the song Ghost Walking

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Bands that have two bass players - TalkBass Forums

Some bass forum I found.
Seven pages from years 2007 to 2011.
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