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I've been listening to 90s era punk and third wave ska since the mid to late 90s. I'm not a big fan of 70s and early 80s punk but will listen to some. I generally go through phases where I'll listen to one specific genra for a few weeks then will switch.
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dang... one bad pig how did I miss that one. I SCREAM SUNDAY!!
Carolina Riot

The world is like an ice cream sunday.
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Of course we all know the world is like an Ice Cream Sunday.
Big Jim

Originally Posted by Mr. Furious View Post
You'll have a tough time finding a nicer group of people on the internet(even if our opinions all suck).

Originally Posted by Vitalsilence View Post
I've dealt with canadians several times and I usually undercharge by 2-5 dollars cause I feel bad for them sometimes. Just my 2cents.

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I probably have vinyl yet representing most of these. Good times.
Bad Brains
Big Boys
Dead Kennedys
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Angry Samoans
Minor Threat
Meat Puppets
Drunk Injuns
Circle Jerks
Personality Crisis

...It's a trip, It's got a funky beat and I can bug out to it!

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I may have listened to punk once or twice in my life...
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Not hard core but, yeah I dabble. The usual NoFX, Pennywise, Sex Pistols, earlier Offspring and Blink 182 (don't hate)
Partial to these Aussies, Double Bass and all.
Living End
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Originally Posted by Krusty-K View Post
Another GG fan? Theyre hard to come by these days
yep krusty, die hard gg fan right here got his ugly mug inked on me even lol also have some collectibles from him such as the flyer from his last show and some letters from his brother merle
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Fan of EMR
If you guys know of any good local bands you should post them up. I have one, but unfortunately cant link on my phone. If you get the chance look up "loss of effect" on youtube.
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I grew up in the Long Island punk scene.... so yes I would say so.

Fun fact if you ever stammer across the Arrogant Sons Of Bitches - Pornocracy Album , That is new and you open it up and a card saying "Special thanks to Bryan and Mikey" falls out.... I put that there. We helped stuff those albums for them with no thank you so after a while I ran to there PC printed a few of those out and started putting them in.

RIP - Ed "BigDaddy" Roth and "Indian" Larry
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Kilt Fan
Huge Clash fan, PistOls also in heavy rotation on my Ipod. But mostly listening to Slayer, Hate Breed, DethKlock, Slipknot and that genre of angry music. Feyd.
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