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Above poster is completely true. Doubly on the new vs. used.

No comment. Haven't shot a timmy yet. Thats on my to buy list. Just waiting for the right one to call my name.
People generally like BL guns.
I would also look at the Planet Eclipse Etek markers or even an older ego(06-07)
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Ok well since they seem to have taken care (or are in the process of taking care of) the electro-semi side of the sport, i'll try and tackle the pump side. (remember, there is a bunch more information than what I am giving you and you probably have to lurk moar if you want to learn more. Or you could just ask more questions )

Now to type a very long post...

A pump marker works, in essence, by pushing the bolt and hammer back to load a ball into the breach and reset the gun into a firing position. To get a very vague idea of what pump is, think like using a pump shotgun, you have to pump it each time to load the next round and cock the gun.

There are essentially 2 types of pump play; open class and stock class. Open class uses a hopper and a tank like a semi would (though most pump players prefer to use a smaller hopper that only holds 50-100 rounds as opposed to the normal 200 for weight reasons) and sometimes has a mechanism (there are many types) called an autotrigger which allows you to hold down the trigger and just keep pumping the gun to achieve higher rates of fire.

Stock class is a bit different. Stock class guns use a stick feed (which generally holds 10-20 balls and runs parallel to the gun) instead of a hopper and uses 12 gram CO2 cartridges (or whatever moniker you want to give them) as an air source as opposed to a CO2/HPA tank. These guns are usually a lot lighter (because of lack of a hopper and tank) but you lack the "fire power" that comes with having a hopper because you have to "rock 'n' cock" the gun every time you shoot because of the parallel feed. Rock 'n' cock simply means that when you pump the gun, instead of just pumping and shooting, you have to pump>tilt gun forward or backwards (depending on where the gun loads from)> let a ball fall into the breach> push the pump handle back forward sealing off the breach> then shoot. Stock class guns also sometimes have an autotrigger mechanism as they can be added to sniper/sheridan based guns and is generally a built in feature of nelson based guns like the phantom (though with stock class the highest BPS you are going to get with an autotrigger is 2-3BPS compared to the possible 6-8 with open class) When you run out of CO2 in a game (which will happen eventually) you either unscrew a bucket containing the 12 gram CO2 (called a bucket changer) and replace it with a fresh one, or use a quick changer which will eject the old CO2 cartridge with a flip of a lever/turn of a knob, etc.

I mentioned sniper/sheridan bases and nelson bases because they are the 2 most popular forms of pumps out there.

Sniper/sheridan (the WGP sniper is based of the sheridan thus the split name) based guns are generally 2 tubes high with the bottom tube containing the valve, hammer, springs, etc and the top tube containing the breach and the bolt. The nelson based platform is generally single tubed (the phantom is a common example of the nelson based platform) where the one tube contains the hammer, valve, etc, and the bolt. Both platforms are available in stock class and open class configurations.

All the previously mentioned guns are closed bolt pumps, which means that when you pump the gun, you open up the previously sealed off breach to load another ball, and when you push the pump back forward, you again seal off the breach. Now there are also forms of open bolt pumps wherein when you pump the gun, all you are doing is reseting the firing mechanism and not opening the breach. These types of guns usually manifest themselves in the form of an automag pump (this is the only example that readily comes to mind.)

And since that is most likely more then enough information to overwhelm you for a while, i'll stop there...

Originally Posted by Bagels View Post
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Originally Posted by Hoooch View Post
My budget would be roughly about $500.00 to $600.00. I figured that would be a good start. I don't want to go too haywire or the wife will have my balls for dinner I think that's a pretty good start.
Only If i could be so lucky!
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IMO, if you are looking to start with an electro, I would get a used ego or etek, they are simple guns that are very reliable and easy to fix. Bob Long guns take a little more tuning which I would suggest you wait on doing until you get the hang of working on a paintball gun. You could also look into a new DP G4, rotor and Ninja HPA tank (all opinion). All of that gear is very simple to start with and not much adjustment is needed.

Good luck, and Welcome!
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Surprised it hasnt been said yet, and Im sorry if it has I must have missed it reading through the posts. But go back to your field and try shooting some of the other guys gun around. This can give you a great idea of what size of marker you would like and if you like a heavier or a really light gun. You can also see what tank sizes are comfortable to you.

Ive never owned a timmy before but I have shot one, it was a Naughty Dawgs timmy and it was very nice to shoot. I have a timmy on my list to buy one of these days.

My two favorite electros are Excalibur/Viking, or the emag. Emag will be out of your price range most likely, the Excal and Vike will not be but they are larger slightly heavier guns. They are just fantastic to shoot though .

Just becareful before you buy a gun my wife would kill me if I bought a gun for 500 bucks and it just laid around never playing with it.... oh wait... i already do that, guess I just cant let her figure that out :P.

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Why have a wife when you can have hundreds of paintball guns instead?
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There are also two different types of paintball. Speedball and Woods/scenario ball. You said that your recently got into the sport. You did not say which side of the sport.

Speedball can be thought of sorta like the checkers game. The game is fast paced, limited to five minuets (usually over way before that) and played on a small field of inflatable bunkers. There is a reason it is called speedball and the game can be very aggressive.

Woodsball/scenario ball can be thought of as the game of Chess. Think Cowboys and Indians, playing Army, or War. But using paintball equipment. No limit to field size, no set bunkers, no set time limit. The games are only limited to your imagination.

To the new guy, the choice of equipment is sorta limited if you start out on the speedball side. I say limited because you dont want to start out with a pump or a mechanical gun and jump out on the speedball field. It wont be fun for you. Later, after you grow in your skills, there is no reason not to use any type gun for any type game. Woods/scenario ball is a bit different. Everything works. You just have to find your own particular style that suits you.

And, this is not a woodball vs speedball post, just putting this out there for the OP to consider in his choices. He will have to decide where his interests are and chose his equipment to meet his own needs. Or just do like we all do and buy a bunch of stuff to fit every situation
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Originally Posted by Greywolf View Post
Why have a wife when you can have hundreds of paintball guns instead?
Because you can't be playing paintball all the time...and she provides additional "benefits."
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Well thanks for all the information. I have never played speedball, but i do really enjoy scenario/woodsball. I think that is going to be my main gametype. In the winter I am going to have to stick to indoor venues, just to keep the adrenaline

Does anyone have any opinions on the Smart Parts Ion's? I was just wondering if that was a half way decent gun for a novice player and how reliable are they?

One more marker I was looking at was the Invert Mini. Thoughts?
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Of the two, the Invert mini would be the best choice. I know guys that have played for years, and can afford most any marker, that play with the Invert. Great starter gun. The SP Ions are also good starter guns, and were designed to be that. But Smart Parts has recently gone out of business and support for them will fade away to nothing soon. That reason by itself is enough to rule it out. And, the Invert is pretty much ready to do anything right out of the box.
I dabble in bits of wood.
And, am moving steadily towards pump only play
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