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Originally Posted by Skeetgunner View Post
I'm looking to find some vintage markers and start a collection. This seems to be the place!
You are DEFINITELY in the right place for that.

Welcome aboard, and don't forget to post pics as you bring your new toys into the fold...

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Originally Posted by dgorman47 View Post
The devil's brass uses an evil sighting system powered by juju obtained from the deep and ominous laughter from the gun's owner himself.......seriously playing in a game against Born4Evil , and you see him sneaking your way, then BAM and all you hear is something to the effect of "Haha can't get away from the Devil's Brass!" Born4Evil seriously sounds like the devil himself, and its awesome. That gun is hands down the most badass gun in my mind.
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Yes you will find we are a bunch of perverts who like looking at gun porn.
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=). You guys have any tips on cleaning old rams and 3ways / lprs?
(as of now) I have a stock WGP smells when you move the piston around!.
Anyways, its sort of hard to take apart iwth a mini wrench.... or am i not suppose to do that.

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Originally Posted by Agglet View Post
Was it The Great Canadian Adventure Game? My dad played his first game in the early 80's at a field near London and didn't like it because he said it was mostly survival nuts playing.
It was word of that field in London that got us looking for something in the GTA. We were all 16-18 back then, nobody had gas money or a car to drive 2-3 hours to London from Burlington. I think we found the Flamborough field in the local Burlington Post.

It was definitely "The Challenge Game" and it was using Nelspots. But I am looking at those AGA's.
Started in '82 with a Nelspot 007...what a long, strange trip its been.
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