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I sweat alot and get really hot playing and fog every mask i have put on except for the profiler and grillz.
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JT Proflex. Best goggle system ever, they run about $60 new.

Also ICD guns are crazy cheap now and run great, you might want to check those out.
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The only time I have fogging issues with my Profilers is when its cold and I wear my glasses.
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Originally Posted by HyperU2 View Post
I'm just coming back to the sport after a brief hiatus and back to JT Flex strictly for tradition. I'm not a fan of the harder masks that are around now.
That's the same move I made. I've been out of the sport more or less for the past few years and the itch is back again. Somewhere along the line I lost my old Flex 7s that I'd had since 2001 so I bought a pair of JT Proflex's and I'm happy with them.

Next order of business for me is figuring out what to do for a marker. I have a lot of old pieces around but I think it might be time to move them. All I know is I don't plan on ditchin my first maker (Spyder Compact) or my Splatmaster. Maybe I'll get my old Piranha LB Palmerized or something.
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Originally Posted by Be4life182 View Post
ill gats pwn nubs n give mE pwners?
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Like other users, JT masks are always great. Had one and it never fogged up on me... even though I've moved onto an i4, I know the JT's work great with peope with bigger heaads and you can put fans and stuff on them. Oh and pumps are great...stretch your budget and pending on how many shots you can use get a small 13cui tank or a stubby 48/4500.....azodins are okay, I had a pump one and it was real mean to me. Had a nasty factory defect, ended up returning it... if you want a good quality pump for a low price, get brass eagle...jklol, phantoms are great for the price...and there's's too which are in the low price range, both perform well.
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