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Old Tracer vs Phantom

Hey everyone,
Im not really new to the sport but would like everyones opinion that have been playing longer than I. I have the opportunity to either get a PMI old style tracer or a Phantom pump. I have owned a phantom before and liked it for the most part but i have never shot a tracer. I hear the pump handle operates smoother on the pmi tracer but the down side is lack of barrel choices. I know there is a way to get an adapter to convert the tread style to cocker treads but I dont know the cost of that or how hard it would be to make that happen. From people who have owned both, which should I go with? I am looking to buy soon so I can have a pump for Outlaws and Lawdogs next month. I'm not very concerned with it being stock class as i would only get a right hand feed anyway and will probably run it with a remote line/back bottle HPA.
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For the same price? Phantom.
Different prices? Depends on your budget.

Full disclosure, I've never owned a Phantom.
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You could go with a newer Empire Trracer. They've got the same internals as the old, and have 'Cocker threads. I've got one and I like it very much.
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Trracers are extremely light, even more so than Phantoms because of their plastic/composite parts. The pump stroke is very smooth. If there is a Trracer to Cocker adapter, my one worry is how the new cocker barrel will fit into the Traccer pump handle.

Phantoms are lauded for their parts versatility. You can have different configurations all to your liking, and parts are readily available everywhere.

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I would heartily recommend the Phantom.
I just feel it is overall better quality.

But really they are both good guns.
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god I love the trracer. I have had several phantoms, and have sold them all. Performance on either one is good, its just that you can buy 5 trracers for the price of one phantom.

Either one can be converted to cocker threads, for stock barrels I would say that the phantom has more options now than the trracer.
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If you have the chance to purchase either one at a similar price, definitely get the phantom. However, if your choice is to get a $40 Trracer or a $120 Phantom, the Trracer is a cheaper pump that performs just as well.

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Would that be a unibody phantom?
Older Trracer?

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I agree with most of the posts above. I have both and I have to say that the classic Trracer has a better/solid pump stroke than the Phantom due to the way it mounts to the bolt. The only short coming is the lack of replacement parts. I still love my Phantoms, but for some reason, I play slightly better with my cheapo Trracer.
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How often do you play? Whats your budget like?

A tracer is a fine 2-3 times a year piece of gear. If you are going to play multiple times a month and willing to invest more up front the phantom might be a better option.


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