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I'd reccomend looking for a cheaper pump as well, just to have incase your primary breaks. An old trracer or nelson is always nice to have. Maybe even a Splatmaster, you can use it as a secondary.

For me it's partly paint savings, since 140$ per case isn't fun, but the entry is only 5$ with air. So, with a pump 25$ will get me in with 200 balls, it can last me all day.
It's also more enjoyable in my experience, with the eliminations being more satisfying since it was done with one or two balls, not a rope of 10.
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I started with a pump way back. I like just the simplicity of playing pump, Going out on the feild and playing hopper ball with no concerns of running out of paint. its just a nice compact light fun way to play paintball.

I have owned and still own many Semi Auto markers but still play pump most as i find it the most fun. Cost is not a huge factor for me as i usually buy a case no matter what i shooting and split it with my sister. We can usually make that last a day. But i still just enjoy shooting pump.
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Pump = Precision, Refinement, and Simplicity

Pump provides you a viable means of having a marker MADE IN USA.

Batteries were made for flashlights and, well you can figure that out.

MADE IN USA is a BIG DEAL. If you like the simplicity of Nelson you have CCI Phantom. If you like Sheridan you can can go CCM. If you are a Speed Baller you may like the Bob Long MVP and lastly if you want American Made and Tonka tough you can get the Tippmann SL-68.

I own a CCI Phantom, CCM S6 and an Empire Trracer. I love all 3. I do not like the fact that the Trracer is not made here.

Eventually I add an MVP to my quiver to have one of each American Made Pump.

Either way whether you go Bob Long, CCI, CCM, of Tippmann, you can keep the sport American - get a APP Hopper and couple of APP Pods, a Paintball Mafia barrel sock and do some active shopping for clothing and you can help keep American Families and Small Business Working.

The other side - you buy a bag of 500 balls and run all weekend. If you are blowing through more than that - well I guess you need time on the target range. That combined with an 11ci tank - I can play 4-5 games on one tank and one hopper of 120.

My rig with an 11ci never needs batteries, never fails, and is a lot lighter than all the other rigs on the field.

Lastly a pump can last nearly forever. I don't see too many 5 year old electros in use. But a pump is timeless.

Like Mikey and Life - Try it, you'll like it!

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Originally Posted by dm6rocker View Post
Also, get used to playing with a pump for a few months, and then go see what kind of damage you can do with a semi. You might scare yourself
This was the big draw for me. After a couple of years, I was pretty decent. Not great, but pretty decent. But, that was on maybe half a case a day. Then I ran into a guy who played all day on a single hopper.

I worked my way down to a PGP, and used that pretty much exclusively for about five months. Then, when I picked up my Tippmann again, I was WAY better, on a bag a day, if that much. I find you can get complacent with semis, or at least I can, but pumping keeps you sharp.
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An all pump team just took first place in the UWL in California last weekend. First in UWL history that a team shot all pumps, let along take first.
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Because it is awesome, I have played mech & electro, but pump play is alot of fun. Pick up a used CCM S6 and don't look back!

I can play all day on 500 rounds. Try it!
Originally posted by heinous: "sniper's gun always gets extra camera love"
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As a friend said while running an SL-68 last weekend, in response to someone asking why he was playing pump, "because I'm smiling like an idiot under this mask".
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My Phantom is older than most of the "batteries" I gog and I'm older than their dad's!
Shoot p8nt for fun...Pump for wicked fun!
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Why does anybody do anything, to get chicks! Ladies love the pump guns.
It also is cheaper, arguably more fun, and improves your skill.
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I got introduced to pump play about 6 years ago by a friend of mine. Played my first pump game with an SL-68 II and was pretty much hooked from then on. I loved the fact it was a lighweight play style that emphasized the good parts of the game (strategy,stealth and speed) while taking out the spray and pray aspect of things. My very first pump was a unibody phantom with a dropout changer. I fell in love with the dropout changer concept, but at that time a phantom felt far too featherweight for me. I ended up gravitating more towards the sheridan guns for a while and owned several. I then got into OC style play when I bought my trilogy pump. I ended up trading a T8 I had for a phantom that was the same config as my old one but without the fixed barrel and now that same phantom is a micro with all the trimmings and in my bag it is THE pump gun to beat. Only thing I feel comes close is my Illusion.

But I digress. Reason I got hugely into pump and have basically never left the pump world was I just loved how light and fast a pump setup can be. Now when I do play semi I play it with a pump mindset and can make a bag last for a long time. With that said semi play is rare for me. I personally love that even being broke as a joke (single parent with a 6 month old) that if I want to go play when the weather is decent I can buy a little sandwich baggy of 100 balls at the local field for $5 get my 13/3K filled and play with my sanchez stick feed on my triliogy and it's so cheap and fun I almost feel like a big spender when I drop $20 to get a full bag or play BYOP airball and know I can shoot through the whole case since I practice with the local tourney team.

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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
Pump paintball is cheaper than any drug habit I've ever heard of.
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