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Originally Posted by ironnerd88 View Post
Before you grab a new mask system, get a baseball cap. Put it on backwards under your mask so the bill helps protect the back of your neck. It makes a pretty big difference.

Don't worry about getting hit in every game. It just means you were actually playing and not hiding in the back.
^Great advise on both counts. I get darn-near every game, unless I'm at a scenario (then I get shot many times.) It just means you are really pushing the line. That's where you want to be.
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If I read you right, four eliminations in six games is a respectable first day by any measure.

I mean the whole point is to have fun and eliminations are just a bonus, but still. I occasionally have days far worse than that and I've been playing for years...
Originally Posted by Slim View Post
Clearly, Axel doesn't know what he's talking about.
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Originally Posted by lordkyleofearth View Post
To clarify and reiterate his point, 1,200 paintballs (half a case plus a little) sounds like you had a pretty fun day. By "you're going to have to do BETTER", he meant better at filling us in on the details, not better at shooting more. A bit more than half the point of this sport is embellishing "accurately" recounting the adventure to others. Some of us here are tied up on the weekends with kids, or work, or are snowed in and unable to play right now. The only thing that keeps us going, is living vicariously through your stories. So help us out. Spin the yarn, chew the fat, and tell us how it went down.
Ohhhh.... it could be taken that way. Sorry.

Lordkyleofearth has it spot on
"Sorry, I'm programmed to do that..."
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My best tip:

When you get shot, put your whole arm and gun pointing straight up out of the bunker while yelling "hit" and jog off to the sidelines. Keep the gun in the air above your head pointing up while you walk off the field. If you're just walking around with the gun at your side I guarantee people won't know that you're hit and will shoot you again. Put your barrel bag on once you get to the sidelines. Don't waste people's time fiddling in the middle of a game.

The worst thing noobs do is get shot and then hide in their bunker and try to peak out the side to make sure they wont get shot when they get up. lol. I see this all the time.
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Get the wife a chest protector or padded shirt for her lady bits. One shot there will change her mind about playing again.
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