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I would say a good cheap starter pump would have to go to the Azodin KP.
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best advice I can offer you after years on the field

1) start slow - take the time to go out and make friends and handle markers on the field and in shops - actually having it in your hands will help you a lot because there is a LOT of personal taste that goes into marker choice.

2) ask a lot of questions and use web resources - find out more about the markers you like - average bst price range, common problems, typical maintenance

3) invest FIRST in a good mask that fits you and takes care of you, some safety equipment, basic gear. Those items will serve you no matter what marker you get.

4) don't forget to ENJOY the game - yup its a game =)

all that said - depending on your price range some of my recommendations to you include

Handle a sniper2 clone (wgp sniper 2, empire sniper, ccm, sm-1, etc) they are between low cost for basic to high end so you have a full range - but from what you have posted so far the platform tends to be a bit heavier and shoulders VERY well.

Handle some phantoms in assorted configs - the CCI phantom is one of the most versatile, reliable, and cost effective markers out there - sure there are cheaper nelson based markers BUT for consistency, ease of use, ease of care - I have played with phantoms since the early 90s and still have a few currently.

If you go FULL bore with the sport - some of the extreme markers include - CCM, RTR, Carter Machine, Redux, and though it pains me Bob (ob)Long with his pump offering... Those you should definitely try before you buy if you can because they can cost as much as a motorcycle or small car.....

At the end of the day - don't rush in, stay safe, have fun. Quality gear for the long haul is WAY worth it....
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Go here

If you can see it:


Buy it, play, make friends.
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