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Where's my invert too? DIABETIC!
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Venture Games, greatest place in the world, period.

A game where the gun took 2nd place and did not over shadow what the game was all about, stealth, pure craziness and above all childhood fun!-Venture Games
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I did not copy this...

No offense to peeps who have diabetes
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i like how the ASP phantom rail feels. it's supposed to make the ASA parallel to the gun on a normal phantom, but put it on any other gun and flip it around, and it angles the tank a little bit. feels great with me 45/45 on my e-cocker.
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thats why i bring my own balls. and if they dont play nice, i play with myself.
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Mar, I want to fondle your wood.
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I used a reversed smartparts drop forward for a while, the kind that came on the 03 shockers.
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I have the NDZ drop on my EMag (In my avatar) and it's awesome. Puts my 88 on my shoulder and in a great spot. Just makes the tank/ marker combo feel a lot better since it's such a big tank.
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I'm just looking for a slight angle so the Lapco looks nice.
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Venture Games, greatest place in the world, period.

Would anyone like to donate to the telecaster fund?
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