Outlaw / Private Fields Playing paintball in your backyard or other non-business run field

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Bring paint, air in a scuba if you can (never hurts to have too much air), co2 is on you if you use it, and a good attitude is always good! We're pretty laid back, not real fancy, but we do have a netted in staging area... we just like to have a good time playing, and we'd love for you guys to come down and play! Do be aware that there is a little walk from the parking area down to the playing area, so potable gear is a good thing, but big can usually load some of the heavier items in his truck and drive them down...
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10/4. If at all possible, can I simply pitch in to purchase another scuba tank there? How much are those to rent in Smyrna?
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I just moved to the nashville area a few months ago, but I'm looking to be one of the regulars of the smyrna tn group. I met bignugly in person and scoped out the land they play on, and the place is super legit. Especially the dead box "lounge" .

The guys try to switch it up with other outlaw-ball hosts - play in smyrna, then at someone else's outlaw field, then back in smyrna, etc.

Dunno about scuba rentals, I think a couple of the guys mentioning having some onsite already. Big mentioned constructing a mobile fill station on his pickup, which sounds awesome. I'm just bringing a couple air tanks I had recently filled, and when that runs out I'm switching to stock class.

Bathrooms are, well, wherever you can safely go in the woods. I recommend going easy with solid foods the night before, lol!

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I regret to say that I have to bail. Just got laid off Tuesday, and there is just no way around it. The entire family was coming down to stay in my GF's grandfather's cabin an hour outside of Smyrna. Damnit.

I'll try to keep up with the next go round. Please post up when that does happen!
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