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noctem89 08-10-2010 09:28 PM

Hostile Creations

origional link

rumor has it that it is made by former dp employee's. they supposedly have a good background in firearms.

other rumors speculate a mini2, or vanguard spool.

one thing though, is that the barrel is reminiscent of a mini and g3 barrel.
the asa is reminiscent of planet eclipse oops, and the inline design is only by a few companies (bob long, invert, sp & dlx)


SD.Pump 08-10-2010 09:31 PM

What the what?

super_stanchy 08-10-2010 09:39 PM

website isnt up yet :(

thedalton 08-10-2010 09:40 PM

so its made by DP? or its employees from DP and formed a different company???
Release date???

Mayvik 08-10-2010 09:42 PM

Congratulations, it looks like every other electro out there! And when will companies learn that manufacturing in finger grooves is a dumb idea? Not everyone has the same shaped hand or likes to have the same grip.


wrongbloke 08-10-2010 09:42 PM

that thing is hideous, Hope it preforms well at least

noctem89 08-10-2010 09:43 PM

yea, website is down, but its prettty interesting. I want to see how well the reg is serviced, also if its a spoolie or a poppit. (think its a spoolie)

Party 08-10-2010 09:49 PM

Meh, looks like someone tossed an ion, a mini, and a G3 in a blender.

ironchef97 08-10-2010 09:52 PM

Good luck accessing the internals of that reg.

duff muffin 08-10-2010 09:52 PM

Like the bottom half, top half is boring...

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