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It's a smart move, the A-5 was the most friendly marker for standard paintball upgrades of the tippmann line (for regulators/barrels... not so much on the bottomline). The X7s and phenoms seemed to focus on milsim appeal rather than performance upgrades (of course the phenoms nod to the old E-mags of days past was brilliant). Now they can simplify their manufacturing base by upping the A-5 with stock parts from newer markers and breathe life into a well thought out marker.

I'm not sold on the new grip though. It seems to not be compatible with the older-style A-5 grips... so much for getting a used E-grip or RT for this one.
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Originally Posted by dm6rocker View Post
Really, all we need now is an A5 Phenom. I've been waiting so long for one. I'd be all over it if they released one. It would give me a reason to rebuild one of those B5 bullpups. I never did get that thing working right.
Ahh hahaha, I remember that...

Also, what is so "new" about the cocking handle?
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This to me just looks like an attempt to get more life out of the A-5. It was fine the way it was.
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