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err, I think its really anti-climatic, or lacked any real epicness.

meh, thats because its aimed at people who never played before.
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I am a fag.
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thats what happens when i leave mcb up at work.....
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What! theres no mention of the Phenom anywhere! Blasphemy.
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Originally Posted by Tinman View Post
What! theres no mention of the Phenom anywhere! Blasphemy.
Well, there is no explicit mentioning of any of their products in the ad, minus the side shots showing the "Tippmann" brand. That is a classy way to do it. We know what the guns are because we are involved in paintball.
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I hope this vid inspires new players to actually move forward
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Probably the best paintball marketing I've seen. Not gonna scare anyone away, but not terribly unrealistic, either, except maybe for the tower, not sure how many of those are around. Hopefully the investment pays off, 500k seems like a lot, but props to Tippmann, at least someone's doing this right.

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Kudos! good idea involving both sexes in there as well! here's to hoping itll make our sport grow!
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After reading that other thread about business models this is exactly what I thought was needed, decent advertisement, heck any mainstream advertisement even to just spread the word is good. This is perfect
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Great commercial. It really looks like they are just a group of walk-on players having fun.

The try paintball now field index could use some updating though. It shows fields that are no longer in business.
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This is perfect for people who have never played paintball before
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Pistol toting chick FTW! I like the add overall, its got good energy without being way over the top.
Perhaps with exception of the dude diving slo-mo over the bunker bit...thats good for a giggle at least.
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