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go greif. looks like they are holding strong with some definate wins. cant wait to hear from them next weekend at the field.
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Another update...this time from the NPPL website:
Total Greif 98 98 96 98 96 100 98 96 780 1
CPX PRO STARS 4 78 92 4 8 76 98 98 458 2
Zero 94 24 4 94 40 32 0 20 308 3
Milwaukee Throwback 12 94 98 4 20 32 4 8 272 4
TEAM MACHINE 12 16 8 12 74 4 4 80 210 5
Looks like CPX Pro Stars took up the learning curve...and TG is definitely going strong!


Edit: Quote from John of PBN

Looks like the all stars have dropped every game so far today. :tdown:

They had a great lineup. I wanted them to get it together and give Greif a run for their money.

And I also believe that the pistol was deemed illegal for the pump tournament. Who knew Frank Connel would end up being the voice of reason?
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So according to that same thread on PbN, the CPX Allstars forfeited all of their games on Sunday.

Anyone know why?

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missed games

we got mixed up on the schedule for the pump games because we were there supporting Living Legends 4 with the Tactical Ironmen Lineup.just could not cover the ground in time once we found out and the pump division games were going, real fast turn around . congratulations to Total Grief & all of the other pump teams they all played well !!!!!!
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Its open division, open class PUMP, so it was cool to duke it out with the ironmen guys. I'd love to see more pro players playing pump, just next time show up ready to battle on Sunday

and no, they didn't let midnight use a pistol, the rules are pretty clear on that one. Though he could have played d4 5-man with his pistol, see how that goes

-Team Zero

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