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Nov 12 Pumper's Pandemonium Winter Edition - Cancelled

Straight from Blue

NOV 12 PUMPER' PANDEMONIUM WINTER: PUMP ONLY Weekend with a BIG GAME on Saturday and Mini Games Scheduled for Sunday. Only $40 prepaid by 10/28/11 or $60 at the event. Entry includes Weekend of Play, 500 Paintballs, and unlimited CO2 and Compressed Air. EMR PASS HOLDERS must preregister by 10/28/11 or will be charged $20 entry with no paint included. Paintballs will be DXS FROSTBITE, an excellent winter ball,and will sell for $60 a case. It can only be used for this event, March Meltdown, and Open Plays.
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I'll have to talk to the wife and see what we can do. Generally we don't play a lot during the heating season.
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Since this thread started with boobs what are we supposed to derail it with?
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Someone ban that painthappy dude
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Sweet! just checked with the wife and the calendar is clear!!

The fact that they are using DXS Frostbite for this should make the pumpers happy!! Usually a bit bigger bore, and we haven't had any issues with breaks with the winter stuff. wOOt!! Cannot wait.

Love that EMR is adding an event.

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I think a good Game of Thrones theme could be had, if even needed. Fight at the Northern Wall. Nights Watch vs. White Walkers.

Will probably definitely be at PP.
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Oh yeah! Best news I have had all month, looking forward to some cool weather pump ballin!
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oldschool, i was listening to zip a dee do dah all day yesterday!
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This is MCB, every gun is and was a dream gun.
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I have a Bat Mitzvah for my girlfriend's cousin that freakin' weekend to attend! FML.
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Im proposing on the 11th and she might change her mind if i go to this event.
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Whoops - got my dates mixed very interested...
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Oh no.
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Mark could sew an all-patch mankini... Greg, please change the background color to yellow
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