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i'm curious as to WHY? tolerance issues changed mid production? i mean if thats the case then serial numbers should be easy to trace. unless there was some other tolerance issues that they arent saying. a company that is upfront with problems gets more credit in my book. i was VERY interested in the dam but now im thinking against it.
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That seems a bit harsh...

Maybe the Dye folks will jump in and correct me but I think it has a lot to do with shrinking paint and trying to eek out a little more efficiency from a spool.

My understanding is they are adding volume to the dump chamber with the new bolt. It makes sense they would try to cut it close to 300fps on the initial run since lots of excess velocity capacity would mean wasted air on each shot.

In my case field paint is so stupidly small these days that even my smallest freak insert (silver...67something) was letting too much air leak by. So into dye went the dam... Hopefully I'm trading a little more velocity capacity for not to ugly a hit on efficiency.

It's been a little frustrating but I wouldn't go so far as to lay it all at the feet of dye. They probably test with more reasonable paint than my feels will sell.

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The Dam is... flawed. I kept telling myself it's not that bad. but reality has sunk in. Bryan's already replaced the solenoid in my gun, the fix before there was new bolt parts. Helped a bit but it still leaks, around 290-300 even with a perfect paint to bore match. The main problem for me is the amount of paint this thing breaks. I can shoot a a macdev tactical drone ($500 gun) uncapped 30 plus with zero breaks all day, I can't even use my dam in semi let alone 12.5 bps burst/full auto without breaking paint. I've done everything in the book to try and change this, but it was futile.

I'll tell you right now I'm not wasting anymore time or money on shipping costs sending my marker back in. Dye should have corrected this and sent everyone a new bolt. It's either a problem or it isn't, it doesn't make sense that some guns are fine and others aren't. That's just dye trying to save money. Everyone that I've talked to that owns a dam does have the air leak problem. I will never be buying a dye marker again.
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Tactical drone=awesome

I think DYE needs to rethink there bolt designs,after my experience with PMRs and NTs and hearing this about the DAM.
At DYE...Lighten the friggen bolt,add more volume to the chamber,have a rear sprung bolt tail like the Ion BeOrange/Lucky bolt,make a QEV an option,match your OP with the noid your using....
Spoolies are the most simple gun design as far as moving parts are concerned,my guess is that the OP needed to crono to speed exceeds the limit of the noid causing it to vent.
That was the main problem I found with PMRs and NTs,adjusting the dwell higher helped but caused inconsistancy.Bore matching is a must with these 2 guns,I agree with the above poster on paint being tiny lately
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The paint breakage thing is super simple. Don't use a force feed hopper. If I stay away from the force fed hopper I don't break any all day... It's a roll back issue. If I use a force feed hopper I can't go more than 200 without breaks.

That certainly counts as a major flaw but it's solvable. Save yourself the headache and ditch the force fed hopper.
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It's a 1200-1300 gun and its not designed right for a force feed hopper?
Then it should be sold for 600 retail.
They are screwing this up big time as far as I can see.
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These problems with breakage and velocity... are they impacting first strikes too?

Sounds like the problem is with force feed hoppers, not mag feed. And first strikes fly a bit faster than paint.

Just wondering that ... at least used, if it would be the badass first strike platform I was hoping it could be.
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I haven't had and problems with the first strikes. They feed fine since they can't roll back.

I haven't had any problems mag fed either, but I haven't run a ton of conventional paint through the mags so that may not be saying much. More likely, since the breakage appears to be a result of roll back I think the springs on the magazines may not put as much force on the stack, and therefore be more forgiving of the 1.25 ball loading that rollback results in. (first ball rolls back, second ball partially loads, rotor for example keeps too much stack pressure, and when the bolt comes forward it forces the second ball back up into the stack...rotor has too much stack pressure, mags maybe not quite so bad)

I was pretty bummed about the force fed thing, but honestly I got over it. With eyes chops are non existent and I'm not sure why you'd need to fire faster than ~10-12bps in a rec ball game to begin with.

No force fed hoppers seriously sucks, but mostly because gravity fed are harder to find now...functionally it's wildly inappropriate to be ripping off full out bursts at 20bps on rentals anyways.

It's a flawed gun, but as when you get down to it the thing still is a high end spool that fires first strikes or conventional at the flip of a switch.
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I should also say that the velocity problems in my case were being stuck at ~270 with conventional paint. It should be back in my hands this weekend, I'll let folks know if the new bolt gets me up to 300.
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A $1400 Dye marker that has velocity issues and wouldn't work with, say, a $150 Dye Rotor.

You guys are getting fleeced.
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