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french invader
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Take off project

Hello guys, I'm here to present you a french project:

"Take Off" is a short movie project that will promote the discipline of Mil-Sim across France and perhaps even beyond our borders. But before we get there, it took several months of preparation, and it is not finished.

Attention, we do not aim the creation of a"holiday memories" movie. Clearly we will try to approach closer to the filmic. This means: a scenario, a sequence following a logical chronology, with respective roles for each member of the cast and a solid technical background in image capture and sound, compositing, editing and visual decision views.

The teaser is now available:

The subtitles are available

For the short movie you must be patient, again 1-2 month. it will be with english subtitle.

screenshots of the movie:

follow us :

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Very cool, look forward to more information and film footage
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Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
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This is ****ing awesome.
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Serious Business
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Awesome shots! This might be the first truly legit paintball movie!
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It seems you have a skilled colorist. I am looking forward to it as well
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Sounds like it could be pretty wicked!
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Originally Posted by B-17 View Post
Awesome shots! This might be the first truly legit paintball movie!
What? You never saw "Blackballed?"

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Black Balled was pretty good for what it was.

Ah hem there was also Paintball the movie too along with Splat.

So is this going to be a documentary of sorts as well as an informational video? so far looks good, might attract some of the airsoft with a different presentation of the game.
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Looking good. Please no english. Unless your dubbers are excellent beyond words. I like foreign films in the original format.
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