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I have to say, this thing looks awful (personal opinion only). The Ego11 was beautiful, clean, and elegantly designed. This thing is such a huge step backward. I'm sure it will shoot wonderfully, but it's just so hideous looking. Call me superficial, but this thing just looks like a hodgepodge of parts thrown together after one too many drinks. I was really excited to see what it would look like as I've always been a fan of Ego's but I have to admit that this and the Vanquish are a bit of a letdown. Now the cocker on the other hand...I WILL be grabbing one of those.
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If I were to buy this and if that "hose" is 1/8 npt, i would make it macro again by swappung it with an ego 11. By the tech poster it looks to be the same dimensions.

That air channel would further weaken the frame.

And I believe jack went with this route bc he felt internal plumbing ( when it leaks) is hard to trouble shoot. He addressed this in post in nation I believe or it could be a video. I can't remember which.

While this idea attempts to get rid if the macro whole maintiajning reliable. I still say just stick to macro.

Simple and effective

I honestly think this design will get in the way more than the ego 11
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...and now Planet Eclipse goes the way of WDP -- using weird stuff to compensate for an unwillingness to adapt to evolving trends

wts bko for cheap
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I get not wanting internal airlines, but what the hell is wrong with external hoses? What in the world are people doing with their guns for an inline hose setup going into the front of the ASA to get in the way?
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Originally Posted by mrpresident2107 View Post
PE fails again...
Care to explain how they have "failed" prior to this, according to your opinion. I absolutely hate how whenever someone sees something that they do not agree with or may not understand, instead of saying that the buzzword of "fail" or its derivatives are thrown around. I agree that it doesn't look great from an ergonomic standpoint but as far as engineering, at least it isn't the same as every other marker with a through-grip internal air line. It should be worthwhile giving it some time to have real world tests done. I am sure PE did their own otherwise they wouldn't have released it.
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Why not have the air to through the front of the trigger guard as well. Then you could route it into the HPR. If you are going to go overly complicated why not go all the way.

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Originally Posted by jc_10 View Post
...and now Planet Eclipse goes the way of WDP -- using weird stuff to compensate for an unwillingness to adapt to evolving trends
That's a good way to put it. Although it appears everyone now thinks foregrips need to be rubber.
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So, get rid of the ugly macroline to instead put an even uglier line between the triggerguard and the reg? Meh. Although I will say the reg grip/rubber setup looks pretty damn cool and comfy, but that airline is u-g-l-y.

Also just noticed how much they managed to squeeze the trigger pivot up toward the bottom of the top tube... That's pretty impressive, the profile's more like shooting a spool gun than a poppet now.
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Its 1/2 internal. Why not just run go all the way? Maybe they felt they had to because of prior claims of it's inferiority
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What's so bad, the more I look at it, the more it grows on me, I LOVE how the LPR is now flush with the foregrip, the old sticky out lpr is the main reason i never liked egos. Though after all is said, i still cant stand that line between the reg and trigger guard, just leave the damn thing with a hose and not halfass it.

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