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LOL problem is I love their pistols and already have a bunch of magazines Hammerhead and smoothbore Lapco for the pistols so I will be keeping my T8.1 and more than likely my T9.1 but unless TA starts reusing barrels with their marker or moves to AC threads, these will be my last TA markers. I will not buy any more markers from them that require new barrels.

Oh and TA did have employees start using their forums but that died down after some of us voiced our thoughts on the T15s need for its own new barrel. Have not seen much since. Most the posts are weeks old.

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I check the Tiberius Arms forums everyday
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Seems like no news other than the basic starting to think these will never be released.
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How long did it take for the t8.1 and the t9.1 to get released after they showed them?
A year and a year and a half if I remember right correctly.
And those reused a lot of parts from the t8/9 series.... The t15 is basically all new parts and components, so logical would dictate it'll be much longer while tooling and fixtures and assembly lines get set up.
I figure next Xmas. Earliest.
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Geo, guess we don't see you as much since there hasn't been much traffic on the TA forums.

Little irritated TA didn't go with AC threads or reuse the Tx.1 barrels. ;P I will get over it though.

Anyway, hope my MKP-IIs can smoothly fire First Strike rounds once a bolt is available or I will have to sell them and look towards another 3 letter marker.
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None of us really know what the barrel system is. Though it wont be AC threaded, maybe it'll be better than the traditional barrel system for FS or something. Who knows.
TBH, i really dont care until it comes out.
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This thread is dying! MUST NECRO!
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Photo Credit goes to Lou Arthur at Paintball Extravaganza.

So I don't know where else to put this so I put here.

T15 Internals. Still a lot of unverified stuff going around with the T15. With the Tiberius reps still busy at PE (understandably), can anyone identify the workings/valve type/ operations based on the photo below? Thanks!

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Nice pic of the breakaway and is that the actual valving...? (...shore is purdy Clark!)

Hope its been worth the wait and can't wait to see if it meets expectations...

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Totally looks like an ICD Alley Cat. Inline blowback with a vertically mounted valve. Ball bearing on the end of the valve step, ramped hammer, two exhaust ports from the valve.
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