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If it hits ~$800 I will buy.
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I haven't looked into whether the ASA is reversible. I will check it out on the one at Pevs when I get by there again.


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My team did the empire "all in" sponsorship this year and we have three guys shooting these for PSP events and after several practices I can tell you more guys are wanting to switch to them. We are running them with the tank on the gun no remotes. We found that you actually shoulder the gun between the tank and the back of the marker it provides for one of the most stable running and gunning platforms we have ever held. The gun balances out in game amazingly because all the weight is shouldered and not over the top of the gun. Aiming over the top is amazing, snap shooting is a little weird at first you actually roll the marker rather than snap so it goes against you typical gun skills(in turn no need for off hand shooting).
Reloading is a breeze except the lid opening is a little small.
For what we use the marker for we would love a larger lid opening, smooth top rail, and the front cut off with a small grip. All the rails do nothing for us If they released a speedball version I think this could be a game changer. The marker shoots super smooth and has been extremely reliable so far. we have put roughly 10+ cases through each one so far. Also we don't use the stock barrels we have been using, CP, Dye and a CF tipped super freak from a vanquish.
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Quick, someone make an adapter to mount a halo on top of your tank for the win.
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Is it just me or did this hit the market with a thud?

It has been out a while and I have only seen one in private use.

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Too expensive.

It's an awesome concept and it really does feel nice when you get it in your hands, but $1500 is just too much for it. I just looked on ANS though and they have them for 1K, so i guess I was right about that price drop haha.

I wonder if they dropped the freak inserts and apex and brought it down another couple hundred if it'd do better.

Also, having the normal mini/axe style ASA is kind of lame IMO, I would much rather have seen a remote line hookup near the back a la SpecOps A5-A2. Of course people are limited to remote lines only then.

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Originally Posted by fullofpaint View Post
I have a strong feeling we're gonna see a price drop on these after Extravaganza. Maybe down to $1,000 or so.
Looks like you were right.
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This gun is a cool gun, but worth nowhere near the $1500 they were asking. I think at $750, this gun would be hard to keep on the shelves. They are pricing themselves out of the market.

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Too pricey, and I'd like the concept a lot more if they put the hopper up front under the barrel. I still prefer bottom line tanks when it comes to aiming, this one is still in the way when you have a mask on. With such a revolutionary system they could easily relocate the hopper, especially if it used a feed gate instead of a lid so you could load quickly on either side of the gun.
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