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Pepper balls sold at Walmart with home defence shotgun

Was at my local Walmart today and saw in the sporting good dept that they had Less than Lethal 68 caliber rounds and next to them was a "home Defence " shotgun and 43 cal pistol under the brand name "Prime Guard"

Looks like a pump shotgun and Glock like pistol. They come with Pepper balls, rubber balls and powder balls. Sparte ammo was available.

$299 for the shotgun, $199 for the pistol.$18 for ammo.

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isn't that pistol a Kingman chaser, or eraser, one of those models?
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Looks like they are both from RAP4.
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doesn't look like a Kingman product.
I've been searching for a similar marker online.

The shotgun claims 240 fps max. Does not say if semi or pump. or 12gr

Shotgun is a pump.

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So the shotgun is 68 cal, and not the pistol? This is interesting, I'll have to check out my local store
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Looks like this shotgun...
RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun with 14 Inch Barrel

and this pistol...
RAP4 Combat Pistol (Black)
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looks very much like rap4. look at pics online, the tank/stock is the same as rap4 uses....though I can't find any mention of it by rap4

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Pretty sure you have to be LEO to buy pepper balls and related guns/accessories. Hope this store has trained their associates well enough. The biggest thing about this that pisses me off the most, is that they are out in the open and not in the ammo case. Someone needs to call this store and speak with the store manager. If that doesn't work, contact the regional manager. This is unacceptable.
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Wal-Mart is selling pepper balls? In .68 caliber? This will not end well.
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Clearly, Axel doesn't know what he's talking about.
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Clearly, Axel doesn't know what he's talking about.
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We should start a round of Place Your Bets and see how long it takes before we hear about some idiot kids doing something dumb with these and end up in the news. Wal Mart just loves fueling vandalism and stupidity with their sporting goods department. This doesn't really surprise me. I do hope that no one gets hurt with these unnecessarily though.
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