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^10/10 - you captured the winkles on his lip nicely that make him look like a turtle. The glossy part in the middle of his forehead shows that he is a hard worker.

This was taken on Ektar 100 35mm film:
Shutter:35 seconds
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9/10 Love this shot especially the star street lights

This was an attempt at the Brenizer method....I failed (my tele photos is a F4 and there was little light)
but 34 photos(lots of overlap) merged in photo shop

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I dig it - 8/10 because you know you did something wrong....I like the pic tho~

Pano of 6 pics i think this was w/my 40mm - anywhoo it was a nice hike this-morning

Central Oregon by madasax12, on Flickr
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Normally I don't care for landscapes where the horizon is right in the middle of the image but I like the balance it creates this time. Good subject choice for a stitched panorama. 8/10.

Here's one of my few attempts at stitching multiple photos together. There were barricades very close to the car so I couldn't get an unobstructed image of the whole thing. I waited for the security guard to look the other way and hung my little point and shoot over the barricade to snap a whack of photos. This is my favourite of the BMW Art Cars and I'm thrilled to have seen it in person (went back to the exhibit 3 times).

my feedback

my markers
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Other than the pics being sort of "off" i think it is an awesome pic, especially because of the story behind it! 8/10 just because the stacking...

Weeeelllll Helllllllo

IMGL5221 by madasax12, on Flickr
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Double post....oops
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Nice pic, unfortunately the halos in the background catches my eye a little to much. 8/10

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I like it. Not much criticism. I would have maybe gotten a shot showing the whole parachute. 9/10

My Pietta Reproduction of the Remington 1858 New Army, .44 caliber:


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EDIT: I am looking at your photo on a different screen(everything looks much better on this imac lol) and it does not look as warm as it did on my screen at home. so id give my rating a bump to a 8/10 and say that the far right of the grip is soft or a touch out of focus but still a nice shot.

I like the subject and how you have arranged everything, very cool! 6/10 because of the white balance. I am not sure what kind of lights/flash you were using so that could be what you were going for but to me it looks like you had your cameras white balance on auto which in this case gave a color temp that looks too warm. IMO the photo could be improved if you cooled the color temp.

hills | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Name:  12007240426_e5936f6de4.jpg
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Arctic Storm.
"Everything could have been anything else and it would have had just as much meaning"

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8/10, I like the composition but the image is too small to really see anything.

Here´s a failed photo that turned out cooler than the succesful ones.
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