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Originally Posted by 77monteballer View Post
24mm on your 7d is right about 40mm (38.4 to be exact) and not very wide at all. either way, thats a great lens.

are you still considering an UltraWide lens?

Ya was just reading that.....
its all good though this is a great lens to add to my collection
but will work great for snowboarding and skate boarding.

I am still looking for one, but need to find funds before I commit
I tried the 10-21(?)mm last night at best buy and wow that was pretty wide lens. Need to sell of my phenom and I think i will pick that up
then i will be set for a while with glass.
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I rented a 24-105 L for my 7D early this year and I was very pleased with the lens. It was a great walk around lens(I used it during a conference that I was assigned to cover a while back). That said, I didn't find it THAT much better than my 28-135 f3.5-f5.6. It was sharper all the way out, but I didn't see THAT much more a reason to upgrade from the kit lens that came with my 7D in all honesty.

Now, the 24-70, although twice as expensive, is a great lens that I'd never pass up using. Love that piece of glass.

I've tested the Tokina before, a guy I work with has one on his personal Nikon. I'm not a Nikon guy at all, so I couldn't really get a great feel for it...but I did like it. Plasticky, but the images are great.
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Here are my thoughts, since I've used most of the popular crop UWAs:

Tamron 10-24mm f3.5-4.5: Worst of the bunch. Poorest image quality, no fast focus motor. Returned it, no sample photos here.

Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6: Nice lens, has HSM, most affordable lens in this category. Also the most compact, if you care about that sort of thing. May suffer from Sigma's notorious CQ; the sample I used seemed to exhibit some decentering.

Sigma 10-20mm f3.5: Haven't used one yet.

Sigma 8-16mm f4.5-5.6: Widest rectilinear lens ever on APS-C. Great image quality, has HSM, slightly slower max aperture (f4.5). Impressive build quality, but can't easily use filters.

Tokina 11-16mm f2.8: Large, constant aperture is the draw here. This is a great lens for low light shooting. Sharpness wide open won't knock them dead, but that isn't the point. By the time you stop down to ~f4, where the rest of these lenses start, it's a toss up. Impressive build quality.

Canon 10-22mm f3.5-4.5: Great image quality, USM, Canon reliability. Priciest of the bunch, but holds its resale well. Build feels cheaper than the Sigmas or Tokina, but not alarmingly so.
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Mike, thank you for the break down.

there is an open box, canon 10-22mm at best buy by my place
I looked at it last time I was there.....might have to go back after I make up for some funds.
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I have a Tokina 11-16 (What Frink suggested), it works well for me.

Sorry, no sample photos.
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Can anyone recommend a cheap Nikon wide angle? I don't need it to be auto focus or super fast. I was eyeing the Tamron 19-35.
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The Tokina is also usable from 12mm to 16mm on APS-H, as is the Sigma 8-16. The Sigma 10-20, however, has a harsh vignette at all focal lengths. It's been corrected in the photo above.
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I just got an older tamron 11-18. Iīm really impressed with the image quality so far.
That should be available in all mounts. It seems to be ok in my film body too at 18mm, which is plenty wide for FF.

Itīs really slow and dark (slow focus, and 4.5f) but it was only 200 and I have plenty of fast glass in my bag if thatīs needed. Cheapest used Tokinaīs were 500ish around here.
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