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If you get a chance to reshoot I would suggest a few chances to try:

1. (as said) get cleaner tees, and use slashes instead of a dash. (Or get even more balls and spell out the whole date)

2. Position balls on a tall rise and put the couple further back down the hill. I think it would be more effective if we could see more of them rather than just their legs. (Might also help with the 'fake' blur issue, as you appear to be in sharp focus till the back of the small rise the balls are on. It would have been more clear there was a horizon-edge effect going on if their legs were obscured by the hill. That, or change your angles a little so there is a smooth blur transition on the ground in back as well as the front.)

There was a third point, but I got interrupted by a coworker and I forget now. Looks like a fun shoot, I may have to steal it.
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Since you asked:
  • The background is a little too bright and warm. I'm guessing you we're shooting in the golden hour. My eye constantly wants to go up there and away from the subject.
  • The depth of field is too shallow to the point that the couple is nearly lost. They should be easily discernible against the background. I would have also zoomed out more and put some implied space between the couple and the balls laterally.
  • The horizon line at the back cuts through the legs and makes that really distracting.
  • The numbers are confusing and with the couple hard to see it makes it even more so.
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