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SHAG 02-14-2008 11:31 PM

Camera Advice

If you are going to flame me for not using the search engine I will tell you were to go. You have been warned :) I understand it seems like there are many generic "camera advice" threads but everyone is different and there is no need for necro threads or hijacking threads.

Back to my more or less happy face. I am looking for a new digital camera. My Sony Cyber shot seems to make due but I did not like some of the pictures I have been taking lately with the camera. I had an older Cybershot (F-717) which seem to have kicked the bucket for what ever reason.( It powers up but black. I think the CCD sensor failed.) Nice camera in which I was so happy with, I wanted a Point and Shoot model for the times I didn't want to lug the F-717 around. I got a Cybershot W7. P&S are great for those quick reaction moments and compact size. However I am just not impressed with the camera right now. It requires alot of light to get the picture right.

So I am thinking about getting a new camera with a few bucks I can scrape up around the house. I am tending not to go down the Sony route this time. I was thinking about going with a Canon brand. However I do not know which one. You have the Powershot line and EOS line. I know the Powershot line is your P&S type camera. The Rebel is kind of the pro-sumer type. For the hardcore photographer, the EOS "D" Cameras are Professional. So I do have some knowledge here.

What are the recommendations for a Canon brand camera. Which line and model? As for the budget it depends on what that item is. If the camera model is a good buy and worth the money paid, I have no problem paying a few extra dollars. Like "yeah the Rebel series is a great camera and it cost $6XX..."

Wait there is more....

Not only I am looking at getting a Canon but I would look at getting a Nikon. Why? My wife has a 35 MM Nikon I bought for her a few years back. She has a couple of extra lens for it. I thought about keeping it simple you know. However it could be a pain if we needed the same lens at the same time.

So I have a few options here. I am up in the air about both. Please state if you own one of the two brands. Which model. Ease of use. Likes and dislikes and so forth. You get the picture. I know there are a number of photographers in here. I know people are pretty loyal to different brands. That's cool. I just want some advice before I run out and buy something. I know of a photo shops in the area in which I could also go to.

Thanks for the advice,

Azzy 02-15-2008 12:04 AM

Unless you want / need some of the features of an SLR or the like, go with the consumer models. Canon has a lot of nice offerings in the powershot area.

I just picked up a Nikon D40 myself, not bad for the camera it is, but Ive thought I would have had more luck with the Olympus offering i looked at at the same time.

All comes down to persoanl preference at times.

The Long Ranger 02-15-2008 01:16 AM

Nikon makes a good camera but keep in mind that the D40 won't auto focus with many older lenses so your compatibility with your wife's camera might be limited.

I own a Canon D60 and have been quite happy with it despite it's advanced age. the newest rebel is twice as good in almost every way for a quarter of what the D60 used to retail at.

The nice thing about having a DSLR is that you can keep the lenses when you switch bodies. Unlike electronics, nice glass doesn't lose much value over time with Canon lenses seeming to hold their value the best over time.

SHAG 02-15-2008 01:24 AM


Interesting observation. I do like point and shoots but I liked my Sony F717. I loved having control vs everything on Auto like P&S cameras.

I am looking at the Rebel XTi model right now. Since my wife and I have store charges for several places, the 0% for 6 to 12 months is an attractive option right now. Why outlay the money up front when you can use their offer of "free" money. 0% are just ridiculous to begin since it works for people like the wife and I who pay off the balance well before the due date. So I was looking at the camera on Circuit City and Newegg for starters.

Thanks for the opinion keep them coming.

The Long Ranger 02-15-2008 02:43 AM

Dell often has good deals on cameras and lenses from time to time but B&H is usually unbeatable. The Xti is the camera I personally would get right now but hold off for a couple of weeks. Canon has announced the next Rebel (Xsi I think) so the prices for the Xti should plummet. Don't buy it for much more than $500.

Siress 02-15-2008 03:02 AM really don't want me spreading my love of the Ericsoon K850i, then...right? :)

Amoryl 02-15-2008 03:50 AM

it comes down to a few things that you need to figure out first. all but one DSLR (and it's neither the cannon nor nikon, but I can't remember what brand it is) is sight through the viewfinder only, not the lcd screen. make sure when you get one that it's both the body and the lens, if you find a really good price then there's a good chance it's body only, but they intentionally obfuscate it sometimes on these sites. expect a general use lens to be around $100-150, specialty lenses up to $500 or even more. chances are you'll only use 1 or two lenses though. but still...

the GF has been trying both the rebel xti and the nikon d40x and finds she prefers the xti (we were told that canon did some kind of research survey and found most amature photographers were women, and so designed the body of the xtseries to fit comfortably in smaller hands)

for my personal X-mas gift I picked up a canon powershot S5 IS and I've got to say, I absolutely LOVE IT! it's somewhere in the middle between a DSLR and a point and shoot camera. it's got the point and shoot capability, but it's also much closer in size to a DSLR or a "real" camera. the thing I really like about it is the ergonomics of the button layouts. particularly the zoom toggles, rather then 2 buttons on the back of the camera it's on top up front and it's a single...I guess you could say sorta a hatswitch, around the shutter button. so it's a simple matter of moving your finger right or left to zoom, without having to really take your finger off the shutter button. or move the camera around. the whole camera fits comfortably in your hands. the lens cap pops off a bit too easily, but you'll find that you'll often accidentally turn the camera on without taking the cap off, and the ease at which it pops off helps prevent it from damaging the camera if you left the cap on. also the battery door hinge is metal re-inforced. since my nikon coolpix got scrapped because the battery door broke and wouldn't stay closed, this is a lifesaver. it's got a 12x optical zoom, plus there's the ability to put an attatchment on for either a macro lense or a teloscopic, and I beleive they've got a wide angle one as well. obviously these won't be as nice as the specialty lenses you'd buy for a DSLR. plus it's got all the little goodies that helps make point and shoot cameras semi-idiot proof. and is prolly the most customizable of the point and shooters. it comes with a 32meg sd card (another nice thing over the sony, everything uses sd cards, so no propriatary sony mem cards) and 4AA batteries, the card'll hold about 8 photos on the high setting, and the batteries'll run out after about 50 shots or so. I got a set of Eveloop (or something like that) rechargable batteries and they last several hundred shots before needing a new charge. so obviously you'll want to get better batteries and cards. I lucked out and got my camera right when everywhere was having a special on 2gig Scandisk SD cards at $18.99 each, and picked up 2. I've yet to manage to fill up 1 of them. It'll also do up to an hour of pretty decent video with stereo sound. the biggest annoyance with it though is that the sd card is under the battery door/cover so you've got to turn it off and open the battery compartment to get to your card. but with a decent sized SD card this'll be a minimum occurance.

if you want to see how it takes photos, my DA photogallery link is in my sig. admitadly with a bit of touching up in photoshop.

SHAG 02-15-2008 04:04 AM



Originally Posted by The Long Ranger (Post 317564)
Dell often has good deals on cameras and lenses from time to time but B&H is usually unbeatable. The Xti is the camera I personally would get right now but hold off for a couple of weeks. Canon has announced the next Rebel (Xsi I think) so the prices for the Xti should plummet. Don't buy it for much more than $500.

Yes it is called the Canon XSi. It has the next generation Digic III processing chip vs the Digic II in the current XTi. Also The XSi is not coming out until April 2008. The price tag is around $800 body only.

The Rebel XTi line looks like it runs in the $600-660 range. I know it was $660 at Circuit City. We have a card there and they have a 12 month finance option. Newegg was around $590 plus a few bucks for shipping. Financing was 0% for 6 months.

There is this place called Photo zone about 20 minutes from me but the want $699. Another camera place called unique Photo as it for around $600. No matter which place I would go to, it would have sales tax. I heard about B&H photo. There price is about the same as Unique but I would not have to pay sales tax. The other thing is I would have to lay out the full amount instead of letting it ride on a 0% for 6 months plan.

Why is SHAG have a hard on for 0% for X months. SHAG just had a daughter. SHAG has a job lined up but is waiting for some things to fall into place to get started at that job. (Verizon Telecom. Good pay and good benefits. I have a friend who's boss is one of the people who makes the call for more techs. Since he is a good family friend he is trying to get me started in the next training school.) So right now I would like to have a nice good camera to take nice pictures of my newborn daughter while having the ability to cover things like the mortgage.

As for $500, I don't know cause I have not seen the camera for much less than $600 with the lens kit. $520 for body only.

At last, my daughter finally falls asleep. I can stop looking at Used KP3s and Cameras! :D Seriously, my wife saw the XTi on the Canon Web site and said she would like to take a look at it in a store before we made a decision.

So far thanks for the input. Please speak up to the post. Have a good night.


Azzy 02-15-2008 08:56 AM

Financing isnt free when you factor in risk....

Dont forget to check out Olympus's offerings, as well as Pentax. Both make a very nice camera.

Clearush 02-15-2008 09:54 AM

I still love my NIkon D-40 and I haven't had to charge my battery in over four months :rolleyes:. The first time I used it I manages somewhere in the 650-750 shot range with using the flash.

I would suggest you really look at battery life when your deciding, I ditched my Olympus E-10 camera cause it took forever to boot so I constantly missed shots, and then the battery was always dieing at the worst possible moments.

I also didn't get the Cannon Rebel since it was an "on rails" prosumer camera that had settings but no control. It might have changed since I've not really looked into cameras over the last 2 years since I'm set.

The only issue with the Nikon D-40 is there is no focusing motor in the body so you can't use old lenses it can only auto focus with lenses that have the motor in them. You can always get a heavier Nikon camera that has the motor in the body and get use out of your current set of lenses.

As has been suggested BH Photo Video is probably the best online source for purchasing cameras unless you run across an uber deal somewhere else. Be careful of the scam stores research any unknown store before buying, I saved myself alot of grief by doing that.

Digital Cameras | B&H Photo Video

Used Digital Cameras | B&H Photo Video

This is one of the best review site I've read (hopefully you've already found it but just incase)
DCRP Review: Nikon D40
DCRP Review: Canon Digital Rebel XTi
DCRP Review: Canon Digital Rebel XT

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