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It's a bomb....
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Originally Posted by Tallen702 View Post
I don't think bunkering someone in real war would work out so well.
Originally Posted by Mar View Post
Bunkering? Maybe...but Wiping sure as hell wouldn't work...
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oh, you definitely aren't the only one who hears that stuff...

Talk about annoying, I could tell the exhaust fan for one of my projectors had a loose belt because i could hear the change in resonance three floors below through the ductwork. I also could hear the squeak of the door hinges over the 83 dB of the projector running (although it does freak people out when I turn to greet them when they thought they could sneak up on me)

Enjoy your hearing while you still have it. We loose high frequency as we age naturally, although it can be accelerated by abuse.
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Originally Posted by Striker9 View Post
There are many reviews and suggestions by audiophiles for whatever type of headphones you are looking for. Some of the guys on there spend more money on headphones and amps than we do on paintball.
"Audiophiles" are a whole other issue man...some of those guys are right up there with magnetic bracelets and tarot cards. Seriously. Some of my favorite audiophile devices are wood volume knobs (so the vibrations of the sound don't travel into the signal path), and "seasoned" speaker cables with little white arrows showing you which way the signal should flow (at something like $150 a foot!).

I've heard of tests conducted where audiophiles were shown a new piece of woo woo tech, and after it was installed, the sound was much better. The thing is the wires weren't hooked up to anything and nothing in the music was changed. Self deception can be very powerful.

I'd take anything a self professed audiophile said with a grain of salt. More information on audiophiles can be found at the skeptical web site Some of those guys spend so much money on audio equipment simply because they're dumb
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