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If you don't workout atleast go walk and stretch it will help. I didn't after my run this morning and am paying for it now.
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I always cool down with a walk. But yeah been walking on my treadmill a lot, helps keep loose.
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Yeah Its normal. Take protein and Chocolate milk after you lift it helps a lot.
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Originally Posted by bigballa View Post
Anyone else experience this? I had a HARD workout last night working my thighs and calves. I can hardly walk without feeling like my legs are going to rip off.

If I work abs, my abs hurt for two days. If I do legs, legs hurt for two days. So on, so on. Working to hard, or does this just mean I'm doing enough?

And I'm good on water intake and all that jazz.
your muscle fibers are damaged and repairs are being done. this is normal and is how muscles grow bigger.

it's usually 4 days for me, except i go back to working out on the 3rd anyway. after a few times, the pain goes away because your muscles have finished building up to the task... if you do it right.

when i was doing jeet kune do we had class once a week, the sifu would drive us to hell with endurance training toward the end of each lesson saying "work hard, you have a whole week to rest." the worst part was, it really took a whole week for the aches to go away.

drink plenty of water, and stretch.
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Don't under eat, seems simple but a lot of people trying to get in shape think they have to cut their diets in half. Your body needs carbs and calories post workout in order to repair itself. I'm not saying eat whatever you want, make the right choices for foods, but don't lower your caloric intake to the point where your body doesn't have enough to build muscle and repair itself.

That's one of the best pieces of advice I can give you, when I started MMA a few years ago I wasn't eating enough for the amount of calories I was burning, and I was constantly sore and finding it difficult to build muscle, as well as lacking energy. Now it's a different story....
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I don't think I under eat, but I don't eat a whole lot either. In the summer(Wasn't going to the gym) I was watching my intake a lot more than I probably should have and didn't eat much. Didn't ever under eat, but I never overate. Now I'm eating more, but still trying to eat healthy. Not near as much junk food, if any.
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stretch, a lot.
before AND after workout. You'll still be sore but I find that stretching makes me less sore and recover faster.

of course, I should take my own advice too. I'm always in such a rush that I never stretch anymore. (or workout for that matter )
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Find out what your calorie intake should be depending on your level of workout. Drink lots of water. Stretch out before and after. Start with less weight next time and build your way up. Quality over quantity. Don't rush when you lift also. Breath properly.

Since you said that you can hardly walk, just stretch out and walk it off. For stretching, count up to 10 slowly while doing each stretch. Don't workout. Let your body repair itself completely before you start again. Rest and eat right. G'luck.

You'll only be in extreme agonizing pain if your not eating right or your lifting way beyond your limits.

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I just took it easy Friday afternoon, having a desk job helps a lot.

I was good as new on Sunday.
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Don't underestimate the importance of post workout stretching.

If you hate bananas look for your potassium other places or blend them up in a shake/smoothie to mask the taste.
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