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I honestly don't get why people are griping about not getting legendary stuff. I do understand and agree that the drop rates are incredibly low and I definitely see how at Lv.50 one can get frustrated trying to acquire an endgame setup. But those who purchased the Ultimate Vault Hunter packs need to realize is that you outgrow equipment so quickly that the legend gun you just acquired is going to be darn near powerless after a few levels. This is especially true when approaching Lv.70.

I am not bothered at all that I get few legendaries. When I hit level cap (currently at Lv.70 with my Siren) I'll probably start farming for an endgame setup. I'll probably complain about the drop rates then, but I see no reason to get myself worked up about it before level cap. If I'm lacking firepower I just get another Good Touch from Moxxi every couple levels (even then I rarely use it).

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well my gripe is just now and then one random one popping up would be nice, just an "ooh shiny" moment, get to use it a bit then toss it aside liek the rest.

Though I'm starting to swear the drop rates are different between platforms, I played pc through the game a total of 4 or 5 times and only found a couple of legendaries. I'm now playing on ps3 with a few friends and I've found probably 8 or 9 so far and we're only level 20 (and yes, the pc playthroughs were with 3 other people). Oh well though, it is a fun game, one of the few games I've played through this many times.

I don't always play pump, but when I do, I prefer a rotor.....stay agg my friends.
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Since the release of Ultimate (i think) i have only seen a single pearl, ever, it was from some random pile of trash or something similar. I see pinks and oragnes all the time (relatively, and they are usually stuff i don't want so they get discarded easily)

And yes, stuff does get obsolete incredibly fast. Thats why i made sure i had enough keys to refill at the gold chest every time i was back in sancuary. I stopped at lvl 61 though, i do NOT want to grind for any of this crap again, and the game is fun enough as it is at 61 with plenty i still have left to do.
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Bank mod still works on 360. You can have as many guns in there as you want. Including illegal black rarity guns
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Never found a pearlescent in BL2. Only found one in the first game.

Maybe I'll run Pyro Pete a few times tonight.

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Jumped back into BL2 after a long break, just finished saving Roland at the dam in UVHM

Holy $h17 is it a challenge

even with my modded stats it's still kicking my @ss, I'm not way overpowered though but still able to shred thru enemies a bit easier with the right gear

Found an awesome Vladof AR that'll turns baddies to ashes in a few seconds when coupled with the Terramorphus gear

Might up my damage percentages so it can just be a bit easier but still fun

Really starting to have gun with this game again

realized my Zero build is actually more of a Pyro Assassin now while Gauge just shocks the bejesus out of everything

Can't wait for the new games on the way though
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Im back in on this game!

name on steam is Allerstern hit me on up!
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Why I am a Champion (Feedback)

Paintball Guns > Tuition

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or you could go easy route and get slot hack
pc steam handle chrisfallout666
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Anyone on PC that wouldn't mind boosting me a bit?

Got it for SSS and I'm enjoying how it feels, and Kreig is really fun to play, but I'm getting my *** handed to me, I cant remember it being this hard on the Xbox.

Looks soooo much better on Pc.

Thanks. My steam handle is sunkistsniper.
Sunkistsniper on XBL and Minecraft. Sunkist_Sniper on PS4.
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I just bought it on sale on steam. I also have BL 1 for anyone who wants to play that

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Pump paintball is cheaper than any drug habit I've ever heard of.
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