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Anyone flown into a nebula and not had enough power to get out?
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Spoiler / My strategy for making Normal games easier (if you are playing to win the endgame, not for ship unlocks):

1. Kestrel or standard Engi ship is my current preference, both come with one of the important components for a Boss Kill and successful fighting in general:

Kestrel has the 3-shot Laser, if timed right with another weapon that can cause penetrating hits for most of the sectors.

Engi ship has the amazing 4-second cd EMP - if you micro that it alone can shut down both shields and weapons on any ship.

2. Upgrade priorities: Always keep weapons 1 energy level above then what is needed for your main 2 weapons to stay functional. Keep the 3-shot laser or the main EMP at the top of priority list so they never go down.

Shields I try to get to at least 2x as that's the minimum time required to shutdown most threats.

3. Combat priorities -
Kestrel (without EMP): wait for all your weapons to charge up, then pause, and target the Missile (or the 3x if you have other weapons to follow up with) at enemy shield generator, keeping the rest ready.
Unpause for just under a second, to let the Missile (or 3x) fire, and have the time to land.
Now, target with the rest of the weapons at the systems you need to shut down, and unpause. If the attack is successful, disable the Missile and turn on auto-fire for mop-up.
If it misses or fails, repeat from start without autofire - charge up to full.

Many times if you just autofire you will lose a fight you could have won by this burst-damage tactic.

Early game target priorities:
1. Shields
2. Weapons

Late game its:
1. Shields
2. Cockpit / Pilot (the dodge rate gets crazy, you need to shut it down)
3. Weapons

If they try to run away, obviously everything gets thrown at the engines.

4. Probably the most important tip:

Go to every Nebula sector you can. Nebula systems are best!
Even the nasty energy storms are worth it when you gain time to visit so many more locations. The more locations you visit, the higher your chance at getting weapons or crew or winning more fights and earning more gold before you advance.
This actually reduces the difficulty curve significantly, you end up facing tougher ships more prepared.

The game is primarily about landing a lucky break and getting good weapons, so secure as many rolls of the dice as you can.

6. Stock up on fuel whenever you can. Accept surrender offers if they give you 4+ fuel.
With the above Nebula method, fuel becomes a primary concern - getting stuck means facing the fleet.

7. Priority in weapons:
- EMP with low cooldowns (8 or 4)
- Lasers that can fire more then once and don't take much energy
- Lasers that fire once
- The 1-energy missile, if you have the ammo

You have to secure the above to land most other weapons. To kill the boss at the end, you need to be able to fire at least 6 shots per burst, or have one of the good EMP's.

8. Killing the boss:

Fight one - if you can survive the EMP spam, try to prolong this fight and kill the crew that man the weapon-rooms - they aren't connected with the main crew compartment, and so will not be replaced (including in the next two fights).

If you have a landing party, disable as follows:
- EMP if you can't handle it, then Missiles, then Lasers, then Beams.
I often delay the fight just long enough to kill the 3 crew from the right (Lasers, Missiles, Beams).

Then in the next two fights your landing party (or weapons that manage to penetrate) can be focused on disabling those weapon rooms first and they will be down for the entire fight.

Don't kill their entire crew, the AI takes over will mess you up. / Spoiler

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I've always avoided the nebulas like the plague...I guess I need to try them out.

My go to ship is the Kestral B. Those 4 lasers really make it easy to start out.

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yea the boss is all about knowing which weapons to take out, you should kill all but one of the crew in their compartments to prevent them from repairing in the future. the rest of the crew you can kill, leaving 1-2 alive after the first encounter makes it a breeze. always take out the triple missile launcher first... thing will ruin you!

Engi ship totally rules of course. First boss kill I think was with that ship.
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ya dude
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Very fun game, but kind of frustrating in the base design concept for me. It has however inspired my own current project for a cross platform game (Targeting PC/Linux/Android) that is a mix of FTL and Dwarf Fortress, with some light empire building thrown in.

If I can keep it off the back burner, should have something nearly playable before summer. (And assuming I can keep myself from getting bored and just playing FTL.)
Originally Posted by Lrrpie-CT View Post
I destroy drives for clients all the time. Sometimes, intentionally.
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Sounds awesome!
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That does sound great - hope you see it finished and enjoy the process!

FTL's main issue is how much it's based on the RNG instead of decisions. The same 'decision' can cost you crew -> resulting in a slow deterioration / death a few sectors later, or provide you with a game-winning weapon.

I understand why rogue-likes need random factors, but there's a way to handle that with more finesse.
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eh, I appreciate that I died so many times before end-game... once you beat the game (basically an equipment check since there is only so many/few ways to beat the boss) it loses a bit of the fun.
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holy hell how do people play this game without punching their computer. Picked it up for 5 bucks on steam on the holiday sale. Started out getting wiped every time quickly, started figuring out how everything works and now i can make it to the last area fairly easily.

Though the luck factor is a huge rage point for me, luck never seems to fall my way "oh you found this capsule that has someone in it, do you open it to add him to his crew, oops nope, he was a psycho and killed half your crew" WWTFFFFF The luck makes it fun but mabey on easy mode a simple odds menu would be nice to know if you take the chance or not, though whatever, i guess thats kinda what makes the game hard and fun.

My last failed mission entailed me getting all four shields, max energy, max weapons, full hull and a prety damn beefy ship, only to fly into a nebula just before the 8th galaxy, a nebula which halfed my power, while 4 enemies boarded my ship. Little did I know my damn oxygen was shut off, since i had 4 of my crew packed into one room one in the cockpit and one on weapons i didnt notice my rooms going red, got the intruders killed and suddenly the health beeping started, when i saw my o2 was off it was too late, all but one died. So basically i went from full strength to almost dead on one simple enemy.

oh then another time where with a crew of 7 which were all at very very low health, i had a hull breech in the med bay AND the o2 room with the 02 destroyed just after i killed the enemy ship. sat at the computer with the game on pause just thinking....really?

Then are the times where the FIRST enemy i encountered had 3 damn shields and i'm sitting here with an ion blaster and a drone, no matter what i tried i didnt have enough to get through the shield to disable anything. Reminds me of binding of issac where one playthrough you'll die on the 3rd floor because you got crap items then another time you can prety much play with your eyes closed because you found every right random item that complimented eachother.

I don't always play pump, but when I do, I prefer a rotor.....stay agg my friends.
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