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What to do with old (consumer grade) routers?

Trying to reclaim some of my workroom I ran across a box of old routers. A couple are still somewhat useful (Linksys WR54G variants that'll run dd-wrt), but a few others, I'm not sure what to do with. Any suggestions, or if anyone wants one (or more) of these, they're yours for the cost of shipping?

Netgear MR314: This was my first home wireless router, circa 2001, and it was pretty damn reliable (if slow, it's only 802.11b, so 11Mbps is all you'll get out of it). Two of the LAN ports are fried, but the other two are good and wireless works. It's also got the sturdiest case I've ever found in a home router. It's heavier gauge metal than most modern computer cases.

D-Link DI-714P+: Bought this for the in-laws in probably 2002. Built-in (parallel) printer server and 802.11b. As I recall, it seemed to drop out a lot, but since it was retired, new firmware was released (about 2004, I think). I updated it, so it might be a bit more reliable now.

D-Link DI-624M: This is from about 2003 or 2004 and touted "Pre-N Performance" (this was before the 802.11n protocol was finalized). It's got some funky paddle-shaped antennae that are part of the "MIMO" technology. Supposedly, it was designed to automatically adjust signal strength and frequencies to bounce wifi signal around obstacles and provide better coverage. Yeah...not so much. I know this one would just go belly-up from time-to-time, so not great as a primary router, but maybe a single-purpose device?

Linksys WRT160n: This is a single-band (2.4 GHz) n-protocol router that actually worked really well for the few years I used it. I only replaced it because we got a baby monitor that used the same frequency and had all sorts of either weird, alien-like noises on the monitor or signal dropping. I'd been meaning to get an Apple Time Capsule anyway, so the Linky got retired. I've heard mixed reports that this can run some flavor of dd-wrt or tomato, but never really bothered to try it out.
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If nothing else, post 'em up on Craig's List (or Kijiji, sorry can't tell where you're from by "The Plaines of Celestia" and too lazy to look it up this morning), see if someone wants them.

Reminds me that I need to either replace WR54G or pull it offline long enough to do a DD-WRT install on it (I have a non-wireless Linky, same model, that I can put my wired computers onto in the emergency that I eff up the DD-WRT install).
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I second Craigslist. There's always someone looking for parts and you can get a few bucks for the routers.
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