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Apple users please read... Weird story/fix

In 2006 i bought a macbook pro. it worked great for a year then one day as i was leaving class i left the thing on the roof of my car and it fell off. it caved in the front edge where the cd drive is. after this happened my fans no longer worked and it was only usable for about 5-10 min before freezing. eventually forgot about it as i had a desktop for regular use. well here i am 5-6 years later, fire it up... same prob. i notice when i boot it tries to read a CD thats been stuck in the drive. its a burned MP3 cd. after not being able to read it it finally boots but is only functional til it overheats.

well tonight i randomly decide to remove said CD from drive, Power On and boom... the fans start spinning like normal and i've been using it for an hour now with no problems! wtf!!??
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1st gens all had issues. I didn't have a pro, but the first gen MacBook. Strange things like that happened all the time. As such, I've gone through two hard drives, a screen, OS issue then upgrade, and a keyboard. Everything was under warranty except one of the HDDs. I learned to back things up after that...
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Man I've had like the exact opposite experience. I had two 1st gen MBP's, solid as rocks! I even dropped one and bent the whole case up and it kept on working for two more years! Onlt thing I ever had to do was swap the hard drive because I needed more space. Finally bite the dust last year and I moved up to a Retina.
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It may have been trying to boot from the CD?
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Computers can be weird. My current one will fail bios check if I have any usb device plugged into it. but all other usb ports are fine, even the ones on the same card.

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Yeah my macs have been rocks.
My fan is going on my MacBook Pro. But it's 6 years old so it's allowed. I how it's just dust but I need to get in there and see.
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