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We have been using XBMC pretty extensively on a rasberry pi lately with decent results. If you can think of a tv show, movie or recorded event you want to watch its pretty much a guarantee its on there. At least since the invention of home video recording or seasons DVD's.

Its not a hog on bandwidth. It seems to use less than youtube. It can be problematic sometimes, but I don't have to watch commercials, wait for a show to be one, or remember to set a timer for it.

You can get everything from SD to HD to 3D.
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Originally Posted by Greenmtnphantom View Post
How fast an internet connection are we talking here?
all depends on phone company or speed of satellite internet from dish. hard to say since not sure on that area. most will say cable modem has fast connect time but t-1 line is best.
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TV is a waste of life. We ditched cable 6 years ago and the TV rarely comes on anymore, we are much happier. More time for cooking meals/conversing.
We do watch a Netflix movie every other night and stream important sports games online. We also watched Walking Dead online.
I highly recommend cutting the cord.
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Ive been thinking of ditching it too. we pay WAY too much for it but right now the wife and kids are hooked on the DVR so for now I'm stuck. Ill pobably ditch it once school starts up and no one is home watching it all day. We hooked up a broke azz laptop to the TV and have been going to for streaming everything. Between that and netflix were good. Sports would still be an issue, but hey thats what bars are for right?
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We've been rocking ATT UVerse for a coulple years now. With the HD package, all the movie channels, phone and internet (15Meg?); we are paying less than what Time Warner offered for HD, Stars&TMC, phone, and 11Meg internet. ATT is also very proactive about maintaining customers at the time of contract expiration.

If you are used to DirecTV's programming, it's an easy transition. Plus their DVRs can record 6 programs at once (4 in HD). The family loves it.
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Without paying specifically for "television" you are going to run into problems getting to watch your favorite TV shows when they are new. A lot of them become available online for free, a lot of them dont. Eventually many of them make it to netflix. Many of them don't. And yeah, sports. Not easy to figure out how to get that stuff online. Definitely will want to go to a bar for that..and you'll end up spending more money on alcohol than you do on cable.

If you watch a lot of TV you will miss just being able to channel surf and have your brain melted for hours on end. To melt your brain without TV you have to go to web forums.

As a side note, if your family is hooked on TV you should just make up an excuse to cancel the cable television service so they have to figure out something else to do. Not healthy!
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We have cable. But only the lowest form. Mostly to keep local news & such. We are considering eliminating that as well.

What we did was get a Roku box. I think its like 75$. Then we signed up for amazon prime which gives you access to alot of free shows & movies. You also get free 2 day shipping on items from amazon so if you buy alot it pays off there. You can also sign up for alot of other services for a fee.

We have a dsl line so not even the fastest internet connection. But there are times that the roku has to downgrade the picture to be able to deal with the connection. Most of the time it doesnt.
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Unlimited DSL and a $15 antennae for OTA. If it's not on the internet or free, I don't want it. I don't pay people to receive advertisements if I can help it.
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Outdoor antenna for local channels. 4 or 5 of us here in my office use this antenna and it works really well. I have a roku box and netflix/amazon prime. A couple of coworkers are working on XMBC builds (there is a rasberry pi edition that seems to work pretty well). You can get almost anything if you're willing to fiddle with it.

Netflix/streaming does have its downside. My 3 year old doesn't understand not having a show available on demand when we go somewhere else. The 6 year old has absolutely no filter for commercials. He believes everything they say. There's no easy "kids tv time" line like there was when we were growing up. I remember the afternoon disney block til about 5 and then the news came on and I went outside to play. Satellite/cable lets you lock receivers out during certain hours. You'll have to be disciplined about it yourself with streaming services.

Netflix doesn't have a "family account". Your kids cartoons will show up in the "recently played" list right next to your softcore and horror movies.

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Great timing, are you seeding for google?

Google introduces Chromecast, a $35 HDMI streaming solution for televisions (video)

Chromecast is a new hdmi dongle for your tv that Google announced today. It attaches to your wifi and you can stream from phones, tablets, and PCs to your tv. It comes with 3 free months of netflix. Sweet deal.

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