Pump Guns Is there anything more pure than a pump gun?

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Exclamation PRICE DROP! Nice UC Phantom, SC sniper with parts

Phantom sold pending payment!

More pictures in the flickr set: for sale - a set on Flickr

Alright guys, I don't play too often but I have the hots for an AV-R7, so I've gotta drop some gear. I'll do my best to describe the condition and add pictures. If you are unsure, ask for more pictures or ask questions!

Offers/interest - post then PM! Or, you can email me at

Payment: Paypal or money orders (PP preferred!)
Shipping: Prices are with shipping, I ship the cheapest USPS method with confirmation, within 1-2 days of payment (most often I ship on the very next day). Insurance, different carriers, expedited shipping are at your expense. Shipping internationally available, but at your expense!
Trades: Might consider a boxgun or duckslide partial trade, but most likely not…I need cash!
Feedback in my sig.

DSC02902 by booone, on Flickr

Phantom: $250 OBO SOLD!
CCI Dropout-valve SC Phantom - Silver annodized
CCM 86 Frame with Hogue grips - AWESOME.
CCI Silver L-stock
Right-offset SC Feed
Silver Ghost Ring
Wevo Undercocking kit
Stock 11" Barrel
I might be able to find some detent rings and a small spare parts kit.
Velocity adjusting rod - plastic piece is broken, you can replace it or just grind down the tip to a flat point.
(Bundle the Frantom I or SP AA Barrel with this kit for $55 or $40 respectively!)
I want to keep this package together, sorry NO PARTING OUT! I have a clear, kind of ugly clear CCI over-barrel pump handle I can include if you hate UC kits. You will need a front thumbscrew if you go this route, though.
Add a black, right feed open class body for $20.

Great condition, pumps smooth, shoots consistently and accurately (just like most any phantom!). Overall 8/10 condition, couple minor nicks from play. Will come clean, lubed and ready to go (that's what she said)! The scratch pictured is on the bottom of the body and was caused by a dislodged pump arm. Not visible when the gun is assembled.

DSC02907 by booone, on Flickr

Sniper II…or I… not sure: $120

Here's the deal on this one: It's a project. The feed neck was pulled, and I was going to install a phantom SC Feedblock. I just don't have the proper drill bit to do it. I was given this gun in pieces years and years ago. I wanted to make it my SC sniper but never got around to it. I know I won't have time to do it for a while so I'd rather make money off of it. I really like it and think it will make an awesome sleeper sniper (which was the plan) but I am just too busy.

Body is in good external condition
It shoots
Pump kit
Shroud and pneus included.

Frame is chipped, paint coming off, someone took to it with a file or milling machine or something, and also drilled and tapped a hole in the middle of the back of the grip of the frame (???). I messed with the trigger and spring and found it was binding because it was in crooked or something - fixed that and the trigger pull is heavy but snappy and reliable.
Pneus included, but they're beat up, scratched from the shroud and god knows what else, 3-way rod is bent and broken, haven't been used in probably 8 years.
Bolt is not stock, scratched from the detent, but slides smooth. Missing an oring. Venturi face.
No barrel.

Pump kit has some superficial scratching but pumps smooth.

DSC02909 by booone, on Flickr

DYE Single trigger cocker swing frame: $80 FIRM SOLD!

This has only been used on the above cocker for some backyard shots, otherwise it's sat in a big rubbermaid container in storage. Comes without grips. In great condition. If it doesn't sell for this price I don't really want to sell it, as I'll probably slap it back on the above sniper when it doesn't sell.

Other stuff moved to Misc. gear thread!

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Bump for pictures!
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wow, good merchandise in here!
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Interested in trading dye hinge frames? Mines been milled and is dust black, just drop me a PM if you're interested, thanks!

Dye Single Trigger Hinge Frame (Autococker, milled and anodized black)
For Sale/Trade
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Tiny: no thanks, I also have gorilla hands!

Thanks nePhantom!
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DYE Swing frame Sold!

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Might snag that SP bored barrel if you still have it in a coupla days.
Curse this lack of money! heh.
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Looking at the phantom I'm interested. Sent u a pm.
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PM'd you in case it falls through.
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sending PM.
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