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maggot 12-15-2012 12:03 AM

Punisher's Sniper - stock class ready - serial # 4545
SOLD This is a Punisher's custom sniper. Serial # 4545 puts it at 90/91. Its' unique milling was done in a way that preserved the serial number. It was milled and then anno'd in dust black. It is virtually mint with no major wear, just a nick here or there. This is certainly one of only a few snipers made by Punisher's.
It has the original valve which is more co2 friendly. It shoots great on unregged co2 (in this case, 12 grams) with no leaks. It is well tuned with a light pump stroke. This is a very light marker! The Punisher's original guide and pump arm were too long and clunky, I replaced them with pieces made by Jcurt455 to shorten and improve the pump stroke.
Everything pictured is included: Punisher's Sniper with upgraded Punisher's pump kit, 12 gram changer, JJ 2 piece barrel, and original Punisher's pump kit parts.
Slap a stick feed on here and go stock class!

SOLD Price: $275 shipped OBO SOLD
Trades: Micromags, splash kit mags, milled/anno'd right feed cockers

maggot 12-16-2012 01:32 PM

Just found out this is a Punisher's marker, updated post!

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