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Wht is your Nelson Setup?

Hey all! I am having a "popping" issue with my REB that is totally my fault, but I cant remember how I had it set up when it worked right, so I figured I would start off by asking you'se guys how you have your Nelson set up and what kind of FPS your are getting. If you want to add balls per 12g that would be pretty excellent as well.

Right now I have:
Main Spring: Red
Valve Spring:
Blue (maybe Purple most of the color has worn off)
Power tube: #7

The velocity adjuster is set fully forward (ie lowest velocity).

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For brevity's sake:

Main Spring: Green
Valve Spring: Stock
Power tube: Stock
Seem to get 35 shots/12g @ 285(shot #1)-250(shot #35)fps (although I normally use a 4oz on the vert adapter or a/s 9oz)

'12 Grey Ghost
Main Spring: Stock
Valve Spring: Blue
Power tube: Stock #6
Sorry, run it on either 13/3000 or 50/4500 ninja tanks


OC Phantom:
Stock Powertube (2009 model)
Stock Bolt/Hammer
Green Main/Stock Valve Spring
Open face TPC
700psi Stab Inline
Stock Barrel w/ muzzle break
TPC screwed out as far as possible = 265fps+/-5
TPC 1 turn = 285fps+/-5
TPC 1.5 turns = 295+/-5

'12 Grey Ghost
Stock Powertube (#6)
Stock Bolt/Lightened Hammer
Stock Main/Blue Valve Spring
650psi Vert Sidewinder
850psi Ninja Reg'd HPA
8" pps unported barrel
Velocity Adjuster Screwed all the way out = 280fps+/-5
Velocity adjuster 1/2 turn = 290fps
Velocity adjuster 1 turn = 300 fps
(if I screw it in more than 1.5 times velocity goes down)

I've got another SC phantom and a couple trracers but no real data on them atm. Bought a chono station yesterday and spent this afternoon trying to sweetspot some of my nelsons, with minor success (much more so with the ghost). the trracer gets about the same shots/12g as my sc phantom. Either this week or next weekend I'll get them out and whip up some data. Off the top of my head the trracers all have stock springs and the sc phantom runs off a green main/red valve spring.

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