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Building Inception Pump; caution heavy pictures

I just bought this Inception frame.
Don't know much about it, but motivated to build one.
I never touch an autococker(disassemble and assemble it) before, so this will be a learning experience.
...and from people who post in forum helps.

I would love suggestion if you have some. Also... pardon my English, it is my second language... should have taken more esl classes.

First buy the frame.
Second gather the parts.
and Third send to be ccmed
Fourth get annodized.
Last...hopefully to enjoy it.

As you all know Inception kryptonite frame comes with no internals.

So got this body... $250 plus tax.

I was excited that I polished it. This is how it looks like after polish.

Now, I really don't like how a normal autococker feels on my hand, its just me. I need more distance between my left and right hand, kinda like the Karni feel, empire sniper and azodin feel. This will let me use hitman mod a lot easier in my opinion. So I am plugging the holes.

Scary part is, this is my 2nd time tapping only. Last time I tap was helping my dad 10 years ago on a cylinder of a car. I had to use break fluid, since it is what is available. So my fingers cross...

Plugging in the tap...I knew someday I will be using this tap set.

I went to local home depot and another store to find the right screws to plug with. I was relieved they had some.

Now... this is interesting....
Do you know that an EGO 08 feedneck fits empire sniper/inception?
I believe ego 08 and ego 07 have the same feedneck. Probably etek 3 also...
by the way....

dont buy from ANSgear... just had a bad experience with them with my feedneck I order from them....reason I don't have the feedneck. Its cheap in there but its better to avoid them in the long run. They promised me a stock item... now I am stuck waiting.

I got a brand new tech-t bolt, since I don't have any bolt on hand.
I was picking the best bolt for this build.
I ask which is the best bolt from another forum. On conclusion.. they are all the same.

If I were to buy again... I would go for check_it bolt. Its because it seems more appropriate. Front oring would grab on the detent with the other bolts.
If i had to take out the front oring on techt or the stock bolt, I feel like there will be small blowback.

here was the link about the bolt. for bolt comparison:
Empire Sniper, The vs BOLT. TECH-T, CHeck IT and Stock bolt

I also got a dilemna, for some reason the orings from techt really grabs the inception body at to the point I cannot hardly move it. I am assuming that the inception body is smaller bore than the empire sniper to begin with.

Simple solution just search for smaller orings, good thing I have spares from long time ago.

I found another problem, inception accepts ball detent, while the bolt compatible for a bolt nubbin like empire.

Luckily I got an old Rex R3, which has a nubbin. So if you ever needed the correct detent, rex r3 is compatible.

... another problem the detent protrudes much. Its easy fix, either shorten the nubbin by cutting it or put a oring washer, in between the detent the body.

Here is some pic... such as the inception over the rex and the

And here is a nubbin detent from the rex r3

Here is a picture of the oring that I use as a washer so the nubbin won't portrude too much. Oring between detent and the body.

here is the picture sled i bought from paintballgateway

I will end for now... until I get the feedneck... I cancelled ANSGEAR and buying locally... then will send to CCM for internals, frame and pump. I didn't want to deal with boring the rod, might as well have them put it in... I have to dissemble after I get from them, and send it for anodizing.

I am actually on a hunt for for chrome cp shorty and old dye silver airport...
will update soon...
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So are you parting the rex? I want the valve if so
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Originally Posted by Nuke View Post
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Originally Posted by Vitalsilence View Post
So are you parting the rex? I want the valve if so
Sure... Pmed
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Awesome, keep it up!
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Originally Posted by EPICBYTES View Post
Awesome, keep it up!
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Such a beautiful body. Wish I had the costs to build me one. Why not get a ccm pump kit with half/midblocked rod and save money on labor work? Very easy to install
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Originally Posted by Snowking63 View Post
Such a beautiful body. Wish I had the costs to build me one. Why not get a ccm pump kit with half/midblocked rod and save money on labor work? Very easy to install

Almost done...
Just needs to anodized....
probably naming it Tactical Inception Midblock, it looks like it.

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Wow, that frame really matches the body lines better than any frame I've seen on a Kryptonite. Awesome build and thanks for sharing!
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Very nice setup! I like that it uses the T2 ASA, makes it a lot more comfortable in sure! I can't wait to see it after anno.

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that's a mini pump kit not a T2 vertical asa.
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