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Rainman Hater thread:)

I triple dog dare you to sticky this Claudio.
Don't let this abuse thread go to your head and think it will only make you and your work more popular
It's about time that future customers knew of this individual. We have to get his treatments of customers out to "Free America" Paintball community. I just can't stand the treatment I have received. I have actually had to beg Claudio and pay him for the proper abuse I felt I was not getting.
As usual I have to start this thread. Claudio is my friend and a great person to deal with. However I feel that this should be a sticky in his forum. Future customers need to read this.
A picture speaks a thousand words and personal testimonies say alot of a person.
Claudio your an awsome guy who does the communinty a great service. However your non abuse and customer satisfaction just sickens me. When will the abuse start
So please, everyone who has dealt with this man post your pictures and comments for this guy.

The work is just sickening. Look what he did to my cockers. I'm filing a paypal claim. I was just to happy.

How about this custom Rainmaker. Sickening isn't it.

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i heard that he's fixing up a cool hotrod turbo yugo and is going to race it in the indy 500....

and he's had a custom paintball gun of mine since 1962....

and the last time he answered an email he used morse code and a telegraph line...

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he was able to miss the hole for some eye custom cover on his spimmy wich end to screwing the body.

Wich end me up buying his spyder millenium with The one kit instead.

I still like it but it not quite as custom.

And it a true story

Oh Btw I don't hate you, Just letting know that you CAN do some mistake even if it don't happen often hehehe

It started with this:

To end up with THAT O.O'':
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Keep it up laughing boy (Britt). Your roast thread is next. I also hated that you kept your word to me and gave me a non abusive transaction. Your customer service is just too good for my liking
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Yeah, well...

First off everything he's done for me came back on time and at the agreed upon price...

Then he rewarded my repeat business with more good work and professionalism...

And look at what the lousy bastard has done to my guns!!!

He tried to give me my money back on the anno on this fox because he wasn't happy with the way it turned out. TRUE STORY! I wouldn't let him. The thing was beautiful! I just had a couple of different alloys what with the benchy drop and the CP barrel.

Sold this one THE DAY I got it back. An old-schooler made me an offer I couldn't refuse based on the hella-pretty anno job.

Put the Pneumag goodness here...

And the one that got it all started... How DARE he match the ANS Frame's anno so closely???
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Dang, those anno jobs are sweet. I hate you right now, Robert.
I have become one of the "Old Paintball Guys" at my field. Not sure if I am sad or proud.
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Claudio ruined my life! I am in a terrible dilemma. I now own a beautiful working pump Mag.

I can't stand being the center of attention from Automag.Org members.

I loathe having to wipe the drool off my gun from the crowd that passes it around to admire.

I hate having to let everyone shoot it, what a waste of paintballs!

They all say, "It's pump action is so smooth and easy, it's so accurate!!" I'm about to rip my ears off so I can't hear them anymore.

If Claudio hadn't gotten it finished so quickly (ONLY ONE WEEK!!) I wouldn't have had it for people to see at NJ Nam. If he hadn't fabricated such a quality new pump arm my old one would've snapped and I could've left it untouched in my gearbag.

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man - that's all just sickening

someone should start an online survey or petition

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Yea he did the anno and painmaker conversion on this rainmaker for me and never kept it more than a week. Sicking isn't it's like barf green or something

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After countless months trying to find someone to do the additional work on my Vee twin I came across Claudio who agreed to do the work. Constant updates and replies, working with other parties for completion of the project and extra parts were thrown in. Geez who does this guy think he is
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