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Punisher Red Ryder Phantom for sale

Yes this is the real Red Ryder Phantom. This gun is a true "one of a kind custom" I bought it from my teammate who bought it from Punisher. It has had very little paint through it and has not been aired up in almost 3 years. I am sure it may need some O rings from just sitting on my wall. getting rid of it because I don't want to be a collector. Don't play enough any more and think someone should be playing with this awesome custom. For those that don't know about this gun. it started life as a unibody Phantom and still is just that the barrel is now aluminium/carbon fiber/aluminium. This gun was totally tricked by Punisher Customs many many mods.

Lets see what I remember: Punisher made a run of carbon fiber "Boom Stick" style barrels. he ended up with an extra front section. That is what was grafted on this gun. Has the punisher undercocking set up. pump is butter smooth and can be adujusted my adding or removing springs so you have more or less recock tension. In place of the asa it has a WG reg. preset. All internals had "Punishers kitten licking" treatment polished and perfected. The grip is I think an Indian Creek 45/68 magnum. Grips and pumps are acrylic. Super blood red anodizing with no scratches. Sight rail is epoxied to body, it will never get loose. Old school CO2 set up with braided stainless and quick connect. I ran it with a drop forward and nitro tank. Easy easy to switch back and forth.
Contact me if interested.
PRICE $450 sold as is you pay shipping. Paypal or Money order.
I am a member of Technostorm scenario team. Have some team mates including the only other former owner who frequents these boards and can back up the history of this gun. I have delt with some of you guys before when i was hot and heavy with old Palmer's. Still wish i had Nasty Typhoon #PS 12! lol

Thanks for looking. Ask questions please.

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No auctions here, please read our Rules.

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Originally Posted by CCMachinist View Post
$400 per 1000

smoke'em if you got'em.
Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post
I'd wipe, play-on and overshoot.
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Not an auction. Was putting it up to see if someone was interested. Will check the rules to see which ones I broke thanks.
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Ah I see 10-4. Sorry about that. I want $450 for the Red Ryder. Will post prices on the other guns as soon as I get pictures and put them for sale.
Thanks excuse my faux pas!
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