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Super rare ptp jungle sunburst micro mag

Close thread

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[IMG] URL [/IMG] is how to post pics
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Now what's a cocker?
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Lol I have no idea what that means.
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Ok guys really 100 views and only 1 reply? Come on now....
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Get pics up and you'll get a reply.

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You got to have pics! you must download to Photobucket or one of those other picture sharing sites then use the [img] [/img] on each end of the pasted url. You also seem to be high on the price but, Thats just my opinion and I'm not really interested so it doesn't matter. Welcome to MCB and Good luck with your sale.
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Youbdont hang out here on MCB much do ya?
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Always. This is like an old folks home
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Alright thanks guys I'll have to go make a photobucket account...
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some pictures for you guys he sent more to me but here's a taste until he can get the rest up, Think what you will.
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Not to sound like a jerk, but yeah you are a bit high. Yes the ano is rare, but you don't have a complete one. Missing matching barrel, foregrip, asa, and possible trigger that was pink and or other parts. Remember the market right now is crap, it might be worth 800 to you. to others maybe half that, if that. good example would be aka markers, couple years ago you could not find them and if you did you would pay 600 for plain unmilled brick. Now they are everywhere and lots cheaper. or look at AGD emags and Xmag's.

Best of luck.
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Price lowered. Lowest I'll go is $500
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