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Old School Paintball Gun Collection up for sale

We're closing our indoor field location where we had all these on display and won't have the room for them at our new shop. We started the collection about 20 years ago. Most are working, others may be useful for parts or just to have in a collection. Also have a few old upgrades available. If you're interested in anything please PM me.
I'm open to offers and combos.
Here's a list of what we have and asking price:
Splatmaster Rapide with backbottle & 20 Round Mag. Works Great. $50
Sheridan P-Series with direct Feed & Back Bottle. Shoots good. $150
Sheridan PMI Long Barrel, paint worn, needs valve rebuild. $90
Sheridan PMI Long Barrel, after market bolt. Shoots Great: $150
NSG Splatmaster, no Figure8 tip, bolt doesn't catch: $40
Montneel Designs Z1. Missing serial # plate. Shoots Great. $150
Montneel Designs Z1 Serial#1160. Shoots Great. $150
Splatmaster Rapide. No Mag. Zero Velocity. $10
Tippmann Prolite Serial# 3985. Works fine. $25
Tippmann 68 Special Serial#9639. Works great. $100
WGP Ranger Serial# 5225. Works great. $100
Tippmann SMG60 with 53 stripper clips. Works great. $350
Apex Elite: Fires, may need respring. Hicups if pump to hard. $100
Tippmann SL68 II. Shoots great. $75
Razorback. First gen. Non functioning. $50
TASO Spartan. Not being sold with quick change CO2. Shoots great. $60
Razorback III. Fires, may need respring. Hicups if pump too hard. $60
Razorback III with bottomline. Fires good. $60
Tippmann 68 Special serial#9133. new airline. shoots great. $100
NSG Splatmaster. Shoots but leaks. $40
Angel Speed. Needs reg & charger. $100
PMI Trracer. Works fine. $40
TASO Spartan. Works fine. $60
Angel LED with eclipse 2 finger trigger, missing back plate. Doesn't function. $100
Smart Parts Impulse with drop. No Board. $50
Evil Omen. Needs Reg and cup seal. $25
Gen E Matrix with drop. Needs LPR. $100
Angel LED. Needs charger and ball detent. All original. In nice shape. $150
Brass Eagle Nightmare. Valve Leak. $75
Indian Creek Thunder Cat. Fires fine. $50
The Beast. Shoots like a beast. You don't see these very often. $50
Kingman Hammer. Velocity is a bit low, repring. $50
Angel 2001 LCD C&C green. Needs Board & other parts. $75
Splatmaster Rapide Comp. Works Great. $150
Swiftline Sniper 2 Serial#5075. $150
Line SI Bushmaster DLX. Shoots good. Barrel is stuck. $100
Sheridan Annihilator-maybe Stan Russel? California Style, auto trigger. Fires but valve leaks, needs rebuild. left grip panel is cracked. $150
Nelspot 007 with back bottle CA. Shoots great. $125
NW Comp. Pretty rare. Non functioning. $100
Smart Parts Shocker Sport SF. Leaks. $125
Trilogy Autococker. Works fine. $80
Smart Parts Impulse blue dust. Non functioning. $50
Indian Creek B2K4 Red Fade. Missing parts. $50
Indian Creek Promaster Gloss Black. No board. missing parts. $50
Bob Long Defiant. Needs Board & Solenoid. $50
TASO Spartan. Works fine. $60
PT Enforcer pistol. No internals. $50
Eagle Y2K Pistol. Needs parts. $50
TASO "Rain Guard" Makes gun quiet shhh. fits 1" barrels. $50
Figure 8 Nose for Splatmaster pistols. Brand New. $30
Used Iron Sight Set. Fits 1" Barrels. $25 for the set.
Direct Feed Adapter for Rapide. $20. (Rapide not included)
Airgun Designs Micro CA converted into a Gas Thru Stock $50
Pro Line Commando Bottom Line Kit $50
Nelspot Battle Grips $30

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is my hero
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Nice collection! Glws
Originally Posted by BigOldSkool View Post
Mcb.... if it isn't modded, whored, lusted over or covered in mayo.... then that gun does not exist.
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WOW!!! If anything, thank you for sharing the pictures!!!! And also thanks for giving our members an opportunity to buy some of those!

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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
the mods here suck...
Originally Posted by Mar View Post
I honestly can barely stand most of the mods here, and don't even get me started on the f***ing Canadian ones.
Originally Posted by MaD View Post
Asking for brass on MCB is like going to the grocery and saying "Looking for food, you guys have any"?
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Stuff I want or need evenually
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PM sent on nightmare
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Wow!! Great collection! Wish I could grab the Ranger right now!
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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
I'd date a girl with a cocker.
Originally Posted by Slappadapink View Post
....bro, you just gave me a quarter chub.
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Ooooh... so tempted on the "raincover"
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Thanks everyone for the interest! These are tough to part with. Most have been in our collection for at least 15-20 years.
Quick update. Nightmare is sold.
SMG upon testing began to leak from where the 90 degree elbow screws into the valve. I've tried resealing with red Loctite as well as Teflon but once it's fired it leaks again. Either needs a replacement 90 elbow or valve body. Dropping asking price to $275.
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all I can say is WOW and bow to old school gun collecting greatness

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