Rare and Old Come across a gun older than 1994? There is an evil cult always on the look out for these. Post your finds!

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Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
Could it be THE first? Could be... Could it be one of the MANY that were tried and tested before the actual production model? Most likely that is the case.
And it is interesting. But the presentation on PBN just leaves a bad taste. Lets not forget, its a forum famous for its "ultra rare, 1 of 1" which translates as "common production gun with a different grip, and some camo tape"

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The truth really came out but sort of covertly. Dave Bains came on and explained a bit, but said that they were Chris Haggins guns (Kapp owner). But the original poster said he checked with Budd after I confronted him, so it really means that Dave Bains or his buddy WAS trying to BS everybody. no big deal really though, I dont think many people would buy that gun for the price asked, especially on PBN. He probably could have got $500 or more with a truthfull post on here or PBN.
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Yeah.. It's all "mostly" legit, and they are rare guns or prototypes (first runs, serial #0, etc).

It's just the 1 of 1 kiddie b.s., that leaves a bad taste in people's mouths. Let the GUN speak for itself. Those that know, will know, and those are the ones that will buy it anyhow. You don't need to announce how rare it is.
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