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Vintage NSG Splatmaster Rapide Rifle

Never seen one of these before! Looks really cool and would be fun to play with!

Vintage NSG Splatmaster Rapide Pistol Rifle with Orig 20RD Box Magazine EXTRAS | eBay
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They are neat... but the triggers on them were HELL on your finger and you were lucky to be able to play the whole day without feeling like your trigger finger was going to fall off. These were an early semi-auto... but it was double action with little mechanical advantage in the system... hence why they were rough to play with.

A few years ago CDNN Investments found a pallet of mags/loaders for the rapide, both the 20rd and the 40rd, and had them up for sale. I'm not sure how many people here got in on that deal.

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He should have listed the rapide pistol/rifle auction first, then the extra box magazine auction after that. Someone that might win the rapide auction, and wants extra magazines, will have to go ahead and win the extra magazine auction first, as that auction ends 13 hours ahead of the rapide auction.
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Man, I LOVED playing with the old Rapide that I picked up back in college. It was loud as hell, made a CO2 cloud that looked like I was shooting blackpowder, and the brass barrel shot straight as hell. I wish I still had it. The ONLY thing I didn't like was how hard the CO2 plug was to remove (very slow swaps), but that CA adaptor would fix that issue nicely. I'd ditch all the "rifle" pieces and just run it as a pistol with a 3.5-oz. That'd be a badass little setup.
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My first gun was a Rapide Alligator (a similar variant). Man, I loved that gun. This was a time when most players used what we would today call "stock class", ie PGPs, 007s, Splats.

The local field had Rapide Comps as an "highend rental option". It sounds wierd now, but 25 years ago, they really seemed like complex, futuristic technology.

This auction isnt for a comp though. It lacks the barrel shroud and 40rnd hopper. You could buy the comp parts piecemeal to upgrade regular Rapide guns.

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Not for nothing or anything but M Carter Brown's first gun was a Rapide.....

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The very first time I ever played was with a Rapide, back in 91/92 I think. The field was semi-legal at best, and the guy rented Rapides out of the trunk of his car.
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