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i saw who wants my kp and almost wetted myself


Originally Posted by Mayvik View Post
I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
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Picture is from a PG manual but the valve is the same.
#10 is the smaller of the 2 orings needed, it goes on #9 (front chamber plug)
#11 is the chamber face seal (12 gram piercing seal)
#15 is the larger oring, it goes between #13 and #16
#43 is the lead seal which is not needed for Paintball Sheridans.
a slow leak down the barrel could be:
1. the #15 oring is leaking.
2. the sealing surface on #18 (valve ) small flecks of metal from piercing 12 grams like to embed in the valve sealing surface.
3. a nick or scratch in the seat of #16 (valve guide) polish the seat if any flaws are visable. Chuck it up in a drill and lightly polish the seat with 400 grit while spinning then with brasso and a soft cloth.

To check for slow leaks dip your finger in dish soap and water then wipe it across the end of the barrel with the bolt closed if the soap film swells at all or blows bubbles you have more work to do.

The assembled valve should look like this:

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And once more... A tentative victory.

Smiley, I took my new Dyna-valve (Which I'd put aside because there was a piece of metal showing through) and gone back to my old valve which had looked fine.

I also took the valve contact surface, and went over it with 1000 grit wool then brasso and a cloth. It looked flawless when I was done.

Well, turns out the piece of metal that was showing through was a piece of a 12gram cartridge. I pried it off, and tried again.

Once more ....


Now for how long is the question. :P I managed to get 20 shots out of it, though I could of gotten more.

I did the soap trick (That is a really smart idea too) and it didnt move in the slightest. I think this mystery may finally be solved!
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