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Originally Posted by pmicka View Post

Also, does clipping the spring between the two bolt bearings making pumping easier or is this something I should stay away from?
yep, it helps. most people remove it and the bearings. it won't hurt a thing, but you'll have more blowback with them removed so keep your hand on the pump or thumb on the back of the bolt to keep it forward when firing.
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Who's tried scarecrow's delrin Sheridan bolt? Any feedback?

I'll be calling Palmer's tomorrow to find out whether they prefer the finish to be untampered with when it's sent in or if it doesn't matter as long as it's not destroyed.
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Delrin bolt is a wast of money, a good tune will smooth out and ease up the pump stroke.
Originally Posted by Azzy;

I think we are being hit by a tsunami of stupidity.
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I used a very strong paint remover I picked from an automotive supplier.... worked very well in all of half hour. This was with the marker 100% disassembled and just the body.

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If you want to strip the enamel off goto a NAPA automotive store and get their "permatex" decal and paint stripper.
I tried that stuff on a 2k pgp a week ago and it took every bit of paint off of the thing in 15 minutes. Frankly, the stuff kinda scared the crap outta me.
and now
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not to thread jack, but...i never knew about scarecrow's site

he has definitely got some neat stuff

i think i see brass in my future
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Originally Posted by plan9_2006 View Post
not to thread jack, but...i never knew about scarecrow's site

he has definitely got some neat stuff

i think i see brass in my future
aint that the truth!! that's some neat stuff at some really reasonable prices.
Doesn't look like he's updated the website since January or so though.
I was going to email him and see if he's still up to date on that stuff.
and now
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Originally Posted by angelpena View Post
I use a Brass wire wheel to clean up sheridan bodies, then a little buffing. the brass wheel won't score the brass body.
Well I recently bought a 2kpgp and I thought about polishing it up. Since I own a dremel I figured that using the brass wire wheel would probably be the easiest route. I went to Home Depot and bought the dremel brand wire wheels (disc and polishing brush), then dug out an old top tube off a PMI 2 to practice on, and I'm glad I did.

First I tried the brass wire wheel that looks like a flat disc. The instructions for the disc said to use no more than 15000 rpm, so that's where I set the speed. The wire wheel took the black off, but it also started to eat away at the brass tube. After a few minutes I had a patch that had all black removed, but it also had a matte finish where the wheel had starting removing brass from the tube. This may have been because the wheel was at too high a speed, but I'm not sure.

Next I tried the other brass polishing brush. It did not remove the black as fast as the wheel, it sort of slowly shined the finish as it wore it away. However, after it got through the black, this brush also started to score the brass.

Time to switch ends of the tube for some more experimenting. I used the brass polishing brush to remove enough of the black so that it started looking shiney. Then I used 1000 grit automotive paper to remove the remainder of the black.

At this point the brass still had a slight matte look. I took a wad of 00 steel wool and started polishing with this. Not a bad finish, sort of a hazy shine. Then I polished with 0000 steel wool, and the finish looked, and felt, smoother. It still was not a "mirror" finish, but it was quite shiney, and I had no problem seeing the relection of my finger when I put it beside the tube.

Finally I thought I'd just use some Brasso, but as I stated earlier I had a dremel, so I figured I'd try some of the Dremel Metal Polish with a felt wheel. All I can say is, WOW! The metal polish brought out a beautiful mirror shine that I was very happy with. I don't know if Brasso would have had the same result, but I may experiment some more later. If I can tear the camera away from my wife when she gets back from vacation, I'll try to post some pics.

Originally Posted by Earthy View Post
... at first glace all looked good, but then I found a crack in the butt.
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