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You will need a tool to install the nutsert though. Talk to long beard, he knows all about nutserts.
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Originally Posted by BigOldSkool View Post
CNC's are for nerds...
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I checked out the one Bacci has but would it work of my pump is constant air?

Know I'd need the tool, and if I'd lived closer to Harbor Freight I'd just pick it up there

I know Palmers carries the nutsert
but know if I send it to them it'll be a while until they get around to it

Thought of tapping the tube for a plug/ set screw but the brass seems a little thin

What about a rubber washer on inside of tube tightened down to frame with a nut and bolt
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I got back to you. Maybe I should make this a cheap service to MCB. I love installing new nutserts. I got some awesome "low rise" nutserts that allow 12 grams to smoothly seat on the face seal. The stock harbor freight ones are a bit too high...or have to go in at angles.

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Originally Posted by Long Beard View Post
I love installing new nuts.
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Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
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BEAUTIFUL!! Man I'm jealous
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Originally Posted by the_chemist View Post
you will have to either get an adapter or modify a automag/autococker frame for an alternate grip frame. Personally I have those same grips, and they are comfiest right handed grips I've used. they are relatively rare.
Are you saying the grips on the marker as pictured are rare???

I think I have the same grips on a P-12 that I need to fix one of these days.
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