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medic49675 03-03-2007 08:01 AM

Just want to praise my new pistola
I have an UMS modded tac8.

I got this thing to turn around for a bit of profit. (used to be doglb's help me out with pics if you can) Unfortunately I took it out to play with and so my profit is gone. This thing is a keeper. I am very pleased with the preformance. +/- 3 over the chrono for the first 8 on a 12g. I had tried these in the store and didn't like them at all because you basically had to pull out the magazines. Real tough to switch and a pain in the buttock. However now that i see them with co2 in them they actually fly out of the grip with that PSSST sound I used to love from the 12g pumping days.

Overall this is the best pistol I have used and I have had 2 squalls and 1 stroker. I'd take this anyday for pistol play. As a bonus I got the gun with all the mods and 5 magazines for about $150 less than a new squall.

doglb 03-03-2007 08:11 AM

They are a lot of fun arent they medic-
My only beef with it was if you end up packing a bunch of mags-
it ends up being a bit heavy!!
and those mags are a pain to reload on the run-

Let me see if I can dig up some pics for you!
Just a little side note: Britt over at the UMS did the rail mods-
He did a wonderful job and is worth its weight in gold, he's a great person who knows what he is doing!!

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Drum 03-03-2007 08:30 AM

I don't get the foregrip on that, but I do like the Tib8. A very useful pistol, especially in the burgeoning "Pumps n' Pistols" type games.

There really is nothing more fun that grabbing a crucial spot and hunkering down with my bolt-action long gun and my Tib.

After trimming some ears back with pinpoint long gun shooting, the opposition inevitably gets the idea to charge me and my lonesome. All that is required is to set down the long gun and pull out my Tib. I wait until there is no turning back for my attackers and then I lean out and give them eight at a time.

Too cool to watch their eyes get big as they dive for cover when I whip that Tib out.


doglb 03-03-2007 08:33 AM

gives you that warm feeling, doesnt it! :D

Drum 03-03-2007 08:41 AM

Well, yes and no.

My wife and I are always watching action/adventure type tv and movies and she can always count on me to weigh in on the accuracy of the gun fight depictions.

One thing that always fascinates my wife is how does the hero have so many people popping caps at him without getting hit. I am fond of telling her that unless you are standing right next to your target, or taking the time to aim down the sights, there is no guarantee that you will hit anything at all with a handgun.

An object lesson is never far away when you rely on the Tib for personal defense on the PB field.

Once, while I was bunkered pretty good on three sides, I saw Al through a crack in the protection, jumping from his hide and charging toward me. (He did not know exactly where I was)
So... thinking that I would take out Al before being eliminated by his flanking teammates, I rose out of my spot, leveled my fully loaded Tib at him and unloaded it at him as he ran toward me from about 15 feet away.

After the dust had settled and Al had picked himself up from where he had dived for cover, it was revealed that I had hit him exactly once, in the wrist! When I fired my last shot, he was maybe 5 feet away.

If that doesn't impress upon you the difficulty of spraying and praying with a handgun, I do not know what will.


doglb 03-03-2007 08:59 AM

I can agree with your statement drum, I've been trying somethng new so that I may feel "one" with my pistol-I have noticed that if I am more worried about getting pelted by balls then I have a bad tendency to miss my shots. Me and my son have been practicing different drills. He'll charge me with his Piranah just unloading balls at my position, when I focus 100% on my target and dont worry about whats coming down range-I am usually able to place a great shot into his upper torso, however when I "panic" more about getting hit I usually miss-if I am playing with my Nellie-

now semi-auto is similar, I waste more paint "spraying and praying" that I hit him, but if I focus on the target I can get a few great placed shots into him.

I kind of got to drown out whats a round me for a split second to get a good shot-the drills definetly help though :)

thrive78 03-03-2007 09:03 AM

That marker just might fulfill my 24 fantasy. Nice! BTW the foregrip gives it a full-auto look.

doglb 03-03-2007 09:03 AM

amazing what can be found on ebay! Its compact and works hella good!!

Drum 03-03-2007 09:06 AM

Yeah, well, that Nellie of yours puts my left thumb to aching immediately. Even twenty years later, I swear I still have a dent in the side of my thumb from slamming those Nellie bolts back and forth. That was the body part that always hurt the worst after a day of Nellie play. On the other hand, when I leveled that gun to aim, I rarely missed. It was just too expensive and hard on the thumb to miss!

I really hope that his trend of combining semi-auto 8 rd. pistols with pump gun events succeeds and continues.

Gonna haul my Tib down to Maryland tomorrow, just in case I will be able to use it.


medic49675 03-03-2007 11:05 AM

I find the foregrip completely cosmetic. However for the wee barins aboot the hoose it makes the tac a nice compact limited paint marker. My son is now wanting to play again and my daughter wants to know if I can get one in pink for her when she is old enought to play in November.

Thanks for the pics dogLB My digicam has gone awol.

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