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My first Warsensor G1+ used from a teammate has been nothing but a workhorse. 30-35 shots in good weather and never a problem with regular, easy maintenance. My first two TPX's in the under 2500 serial range were total nightmares. It took two years before I decided to try again and hit a home run with my current one. I still fear adjusting the velocity or taking it apart and having it leak like a sieve for the rest of it's life.

I never had a problem with the brief ownership of T8's, the grip size and mag weight/cost kept me away. It's hard to diversify of into a new style after getting a top load modded zeus to sing. The TPX is closet to my training and line of work so it's not a hard transition, I just have to try not to punch and dump mags on the ground and keep moving. I also have to guard against going the other way for real life, and usually after an intense weekend event if I've used the TPX a trip to the range with my work gear is needed to reinforce habit.

If someone was to develop a top mag/zeus mag- in air grip/bucket changer stbb(i know, it's be missing a tube) that used easy accessible parts, I could see one or more entering the stable. I currently have the local high school shop doing department projects that they have asked to do, and the thoughts have been bounced about building a marker for a learning setting, The interest in a one of build of a new zeus might be there.
The pistol brigade has been formed:

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