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The Man With No Plan
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Weekly update 5/3

sooo my week has been chaos....

Monday.... did a handful of barrels, then drove my grandparents car hauler trailer to my house, got my 8cu in tank, put it on my havoc and tested

Tuesday.... left the shop at 3, did a run to the DMV, got my bus registered, new tags and took my oregon drivers test (license expires next week) forgot my birth certificate, so i get to go back next week and get it taken care of

went back to the shop and put in a couple hours, got more barrels done, and some work on the SSC Raffle Phantom

Wednesday.... came straight home after work, had to do errands for supergame, started loading the trailer with SSC booth stuff

Thursday.... made a list of whats left to do before i leave town at 10am tomorrow... its LONG

sooooo im gonna stay at the shop until i get alot done, or until 30min before harbor freight closes, gotta go get a megaphone

100% will be done tonight stuff
T8 barrel cap
Polished Bolts
Oring'd TPC
1-2 freak bores (hopefully 3-4)
2 pump arms
2 midblock sleds

I have 7.5 of 8 customer barrels done for supergame, the only one left is the T8 (which is threaded and bored, cap just needs to be bored and threaded

LGSwift, you are half a freak bore away from being complete
Ngerali, you are a bore and feedneck press away from being complete
Tedaut, you are 1 bore away from being complete
Team Fail, you are 2 caps from being complete (im leaving the cnc setup and will get em done when i get back to work tuesday)
vagabond, no time this week, your still on hold
kscupidper, got a new forgrip made, need to start drilling/tapping/milling it up
and then i have a handful of barrels that i havent even looked at (received and put in a box to be done next week)

i hope thats everything
but i very well could have missed you on the list (my bad, this is off the top of my head)

i dont plan on sleeping tonight
supergame is going to be crazy
i have alot to pack
i have alot to do

if your at supergame this weekend, come say hi, i wont be in the booth, i'll be on the field!

once supergame is over, i am taking monday off to unpack, clean and recover

i hope to get emails sent then too

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The Man With No Plan
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Join Date: Nov 2008
Location: Oregon City, OR

looks like...

15 polished bolts
15 oring'd tpcs
4 freak bores
t8 cap
and insured my bus

i'll call it productive!
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