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super_stanchy 02-08-2013 08:33 PM

Weekly update!
Hey guys

Its been a crazy long week, not much computer time, so i havnt sent many pm's
(sorry, but i was working on the shop floor, not in my office for my day job all week!)

Monday - I cant remember what I did, but i did 3 hours SSC Shop time
Wednesday - I got Spikes made for a FBM Spiderweb Body, and got a little time in on the CCM J12 Reg Testers


Came in at 6am... Got 2 barrels bored before I clocked in at 7!
Clocked out at 330, and have 2 more barrels done!

All thats left to freak....
CP 1 Piece (locally)
BL Assassins Barrel (3rd of a 3 barrel order)

Then I will be jumping on the manual mill, to mill/drill/cham/tap the FBM body for 7 Spikes, then tapping an 8th Spike into the backblock, and making a 9th from scratch for a Cocking Rod!

After that... not sure whats on the agenda, depends on what time it is and how im feeling!

Still need to get to the PO tonight or tomorrow
Still need to do the other half of the work on the reg testers
Still need to make cad models and write code for the Hammer7 and Trracer Valve Bodies (maybe i will do it sunday... idk)
Also need to get to the hydro testers this next week before the paintball tourny

I am taking 3 nights off Friday 15th, Monday the 18th, Tuesday the 19th.
Im going down to Eugene for WCPS #1 friday night (tourny is saturday) and then the girlfriend is in town Sat-Tues so no work mon/tues!


super_stanchy 02-09-2013 01:07 AM


i got 5 barrels freaked
-only one left is local

i got 1 cocker body spiked
-still need to do backblock and cocking rod

havoc is fixed! aluminum plug, and boring it out worked like a charm
-need to replace one oring, dont have it here at the shop

im gonna clean up, shop looks like a disaster.
depending on how im feeling (and how long it takes) i might do a little more

i did a 15min video of the cocker body work, its loading but only 40% and im not stayin another 2 hours to have it finish, guess i have to restart it tomorrow!


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